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? Call for Essays
Project Title:  Digital Contexts: Studies of Online Research and Citation
Editors:  Colleen Reilly, Doug Eyman, Joyce R. Walker, & James P. Purdy

The editors of Digital Contexts: Studies of Online Research and Citation, an
interdisciplinary collection of articles on online research and citation
practices, are seeking 15-25 page contributions that consider the multiple
ways that digital technologies are shaping the practices of research and
citation. Scholars in disciplines including (but not limited to) Writing
Studies, English, Rhetoric and Composition, Sociology, Library & Information
Science, and Data Management are invited to submit abstracts (500 words or
less) that describe their research projects and potential articles.
Proposals should be submitted by November 1st, 2005.  Upon recommendation by
the collection editors, authors will be asked to submit finished articles by
February 1st, 2006.

The purposes of this volume are four-fold:

1. To identify and explore inter-disciplinary research regarding online
research and citation practices.
2. To better understand how electronic research practices work to shape
the production and circulation of knowledge within and outside of academia.
3. To identify effective strategies for teachers, administrators, and
academic professionals to employ when doing online research and when
training scholars to interact in these online information spaces.
4. To consider approaches for creating online resources that allow for
effective research in digital spaces.

The editors are interested in qualitative, quantitative, theoretical, and/or
rhetorical research that explores online technologies and the research and
citation practices associated with their use.  Specific topics might
include, but are not limited to, the following:

- Empirical studies of research or citation practices
- Historical study of the evolution of technologies designed to assist
scholars in their access to and use of information resources
- Research that specifically examines the teaching and training of
scholars to use electronic resources
- Case studies of successes and failures of pedagogical
implementations of online research resources

Submission Instructions

Queries about submissions can be directed to any of the editors:

Joyce R. Walker  University of South Florida St. Petersburg
jwalker2 at stpt.usf.edu
James P. Purdy University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
jpurdy at uiuc.edu
Colleen Reilly University of North Carolina at Wilmington
reillyc at uncw.edu
Doug Eyman Michigan State University
eymand at earthlink.net

Proposals should be sent via email (by November 1, 2005) to Joyce R. Walker
at jwalker2 at stpt.usf.edu.  Proposals will be reviewed by the editors by
December 1, 2005.

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