[Sigcrit-l] ASIST meeting

Ron Day roday at indiana.edu
Wed Nov 2 11:16:17 EST 2005

Thank you.  But to be honest, I'm not sure, Frank.  As a virtual SIG we 
have a lighter load than most.  It would be nice for the SIG to succeed, 
but the conditions in ASIST are not radically changing.  I guess what we 
need to do is just keep going, sponsoring a panel now and then, organize 
panels that we then attach our SIG name to, etc. As far as the ASIST SIG 
administration goes, I've never been sure whether we elect officers, 
etc.  When we were denied full SIG status and deemed a virtual SIG a few 
years ago, officers were not said to be needed, etc.  I'm not sure if 
this has changed, though.  I noticed--to my surprise--that we had a SIG 
table at the SIG cocktail party this year--this is the first time ever!! 
And, we were placed on the ASIS SIG page about a year and a half ago.  
So, we are slowly emerging as the non-secret SIG-CRIT!  But, I'm not 
convinced that it is to our advantage to come fully above the radar yet 
as a full SIG, even if we could in terms of membership (I'm not sure if 
we have enough members for this) .  As you may remember, the very 
founding of the SIG was a rocky affair.

best, Ron

Frank Exner, Little Bear wrote:

>Dear Ron,
>What can I do for SIG-CRIT iin the coming year.  I am
>availlable and could use the experience (not to
>mention the CV-candy).  Besides I want SIG-CRIT to
>succeed more than ever.
>Frank, Little Bear
>--- Ron Day <roday at indiana.edu> wrote:
>>Dear fellow SIG-CRIT members,
>>I owe you an apology.  I thought that our SIG
>>meeting at ASIST was to be 
>>5-6, but instead, apparently, it was to be 4-5.  I
>>got there around 
>>4:40, but all that was there was some young fellow
>>napping (or passed 
>>out) on the floor in the dark room.  (I assume not a
>>member!!--I decided not to rouse him to find out.)
>>However, if there is anything that you would like to
>>discuss that we 
>>should have discussed, please feel free--of
>>course--to use this email 
>>space.  As a "virtual SIG" this is our cyber-space
>>Please accept my apologies for not being on time for
>>the meeting, 
>>particularly if you did show up.
>>Ron Day
>>School of Library and Information Science
>>Indiana University
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