[Sigcrit-l] ASIST meeting

Ron Day roday at indiana.edu
Wed Nov 2 01:47:32 EST 2005

Dear fellow SIG-CRIT members,

I owe you an apology.  I thought that our SIG meeting at ASIST was to be 
5-6, but instead, apparently, it was to be 4-5.  I got there around 
4:40, but all that was there was some young fellow napping (or passed 
out) on the floor in the dark room.  (I assume not a SIG-CRIT 
member!!--I decided not to rouse him to find out.)

However, if there is anything that you would like to discuss that we 
should have discussed, please feel free--of course--to use this email 
space.  As a "virtual SIG" this is our cyber-space forum.

Please accept my apologies for not being on time for the meeting, 
particularly if you did show up.

Ron Day
School of Library and Information Science
Indiana University

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