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Transitioning Together: NELIG Annual Program

​We know that in both little and in big ways you help students of all
shapes and sizes get through a day, a course, a semester, a transition.​

NELIG invites you to Western New England University on June 3rd, 2016 to
talk about the *Changes *you support. Present your ideas, lead a workshop,
or facilitate a discussion with colleagues on effective tactics, lesson
plans, programs, or one-offs that you use to guide (nudge) students along.

One of the wonderful things about the academic library at Community
Colleges, Baccalaureate Colleges and Universities is connecting with every
kind of student:

First years, grad students, veterans, returning adults, transfers, ESL,
visiting scholars, athletes, exchange students, job seekers, high school,
Gap Year, GED, vocational certificate, community college, minority,
prisoners, special needs, part-time, GED, workforce development students,
and students with insufficient preparation

Presentations are 45 minutes long and generally include time for questions
and discussion. Two people per presentation receive free registration
(including great food).

Our annual program is titled "Transitioning Together." Use this link
http://goo.gl/forms/y7lQtiW5LE  to submit your Proposal for a breakout
session. We will respond with details and support.

Proposals are due February 29th.
Still don't know what you are waiting for?
​ "Turn and face the strange"​ (Bowie, 1971)

​New England Library Instruction Group (NELIG) acrlnelig at gmail.com
a special interest group of ACRL New Englan​d
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