[Neasis-l] Special congrats from LACASIS Chairs

Caryn Anderson caryn.anderson at simmons.edu
Thu Sep 27 18:10:24 EDT 2007

Dear NEASIST colleagues,

Today the chairs of the Los Angeles chapter sent their congratulations 
to us (NEASIST) via the Chapter Officers listserv. I wanted to share 
their thoughts with you. Below their note is my reply, and in it you 
will see that we are planning a dinner for NEASIST on Sunday night (the 
21st of October) in Milwaukee. We hope everyone can come. More details 
and RSVP info on that later, but put the date and time on your calendar 
(probably 6:45 - to give folks a chance for a quick cruise through 

All my best,

Caryn, NEASIS&T Chair

Caryn Anderson
Doctoral Studies Program Manager
GSLIS, Simmons College
300 The Fenway, P-310H
Boston, MA  02115
caryn.anderson at simmons.edu


Hi all,

On behalf of LACASIS I would like to congratulate our Chapters of the
Year co-winners, NEASIST: great job with some really interesting ideas
and obviously a very motivated membership and Board; personally I'm
humbled to share the Chapter of the Year award with such an accomplished

Awards committee: thank you so much. I know how busy we all are and you
three ladies provide an excellent service for National by serving on
this committee and reading through all those awards submissions!

Unlike many academic librarians, participating in professional
associations does not translate to tenure for me, however, I choose to
participate in LACASIS because I so enjoy working with this group of
professionals. Not to single any one of this amazing group out (but I
will), Aura Lippincott, my co-chair this year, is an outstanding example
of the caliber of people that LACASIS is made up of and deserves
virtually all of the credit for this award.

I'm look forward to seeing many of you at conference and congratulating
and thanking you in person.

Christina Salazar, Co-chair with Aura Lippincott, LACASIS 2006-07


My response:

Hello Christina and Chapter colleagues,

How wonderful to see your message Cristina. We have taken a lot of 
inspiration from LACASIS over the years, so our win is really partly 
your win too. :) It's fantastic and fitting to share it!

The New England chapter is planning a dinner on Sunday night in 
Milwaukee (after a little time at SIG-RUSH). It would be great fun if 
the two chapters could go to dinner together. What do you think?

I'd also like to acknowledge all the other regional chapters out there. 
I think that Boston and LACASIS are very lucky in that they represent 
comparatively small regional areas. Some of you are trying to serve 
members across enormous geographies, which must put incredible strains 
on your ability to generate programs and services of value to everyone. 
I know that you are extremely dedicated and admire your commitment to 
ASIS&T and your colleagues and the irrepressible good cheer I see so 
much of.

I've really come to love ASIST - mostly because the people are so great 
(whatever their chapter or SIG). Thanks again to the awards committee 
and we'll see you all very soon!!



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