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The American Society for Information Science & Technology, New England 
Chapter (NEASIST) is pleased to announce the availability of an award of 
up to $750 to reimburse expenses for attendance at the ASIST IA 
Summit,April 10-14, 2008 in Miami, FL. Applications must be received by 
Monday,January 8, 2008. The winner will be notified by Monday, January 21, 

One award for the best case study in information architecture will be 
offered to student members of ASIS&T* in the New England, Upstate New York 
or Eastern Canada regions. Students must be enrolled in an information 
science** master's or doctoral program. The award(s) are made based upon 
submission of a case study written within the last two years. 

In your case study, describe the problem that you attempted to solve with 
your IA project. Give the background of the case and describe the 
variables. Were there different routes you could have taken? What were the 
advantages and disadvantages of each? Describe your decision-making 
process and present your project. 

The case study may be one already submitted or one that will be submitted 
for course credit during this academic year. In order to be reimbursed, 
the award winner will submit receipts substantiating travel and conference 
related expenses, such as costs for registration, airfare, food, and 
lodging. The award winner will also be expected to 
meet with a NEASIST representative at the conference. 

Additional criteria: 

- Case studies must be written in English. 

- Case studies should be roughly 5,000 words (approximately 8-15 pages 

- The case needs to demonstrate the application of at least one recognized 
IA methodology such as (but not limited to) those listed here: personas, 
prototypes, wireframe, blueprints, task analysis, design sketches. 

- Student must be sole author. Multiple author submissions are allowed if 
all authors are students and members of ASIS&T. Winning authors will not 
be reimbursed for more than $750 total between them. 

- More than one case study submission is allowed. 

- The case may also have been submitted to a conference, award 
competition, or to a journal for publication. 

- The copyright must be held by the author. 

The case should be accompanied by a coversheet including the following 

- Applicant's name 

- Address 

- Phone number 

- E-mail address 

- School affiliation / information science program 

- Student ID number 

- Proof of ASIST membership (e.g. ASIST member number, photocopy of ASIST 
application, or photocopy of check canceled by ASIST Headquarters) 


The IA Summit is the premier gathering place for those interested in 
Information Architecture. 
The 2008 IA Summit, “Experiencing 
Information,” will take place from April 12-14, 2008 in Miami, FL. 

References on case writing: 


Cover sheets and case documents should be submitted as attachments and 
sent by email to: 

Manya [at] raytheon.com 

*You may join ASIST via the web at http://www.asist.org/membership.html 

**Terms describing information science programs are varied: they may be 
called: Library and Information Studies, Information Science and Policy, 
Information and Library Science, Information Studies, etc. 

Questions? Contact Manya Kapikian at (978) 436-3196 or e-mail: Manya [at] 

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