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Hi all,

The NUPRI Research Group at University of São Paulo (USP) is preparing a
new publication on Internet Governance in the Global South. Contributions
are accepted in Spanish, Portuguese and English language.

The two central objectives of the publication are:

1) to critically discuss Internet Governance from the perspective of the
Global South and its specific environments and research agendas and

2) to contribute to the linguistic diversification of Internet Governance

Authors are free to choose a topic of their interest. The following is a
list of suggested topics that would fit into the focus of the publication.
Authors can use this list as an orientation or develop a different topic of
their choice.

* Big data, global data streams and economic development in the South

* Constructivism and public debates on cybersecurity in countries with high
violent crime rates

* Challenges for developing a competitive DNS industry

* Concentration of wealth and agenda setting/agenda-setting theory in
Internet Governance

* Internet Governance research, research methods and capacity building in
and outside of institutions of higher education

* Local, regional and global participation in Internet Governance debates

* Affordable broadband Internet access for the masses

* Technical infrastructure investment and development

* Privacy and data protection

* Cryptocurrencies

Please find the complete CFP at http://www.internetgovernance.com.br.

Thank you!


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