[Eurchap] Call for Authors: Developing a Curriculum to Advance Library-Based Publishing

Brad Eden brad.eden at valpo.edu
Mon Jan 9 09:44:52 EST 2017

<https://educopia.org/research/publishingcurriculum> project (IMLS,
2016-2018) invites proposals to create a curriculum to support
library-based publishers. This invitation extends to professionals in
library publishing (past or present), LPC members/practitioners,
LIS/iSchool professors, PhD candidates, and others with an interest and/or
experience in this growing area of activity. Each proposal may be authored
by an individual or a team. Proposals are invited between January 9 and
February 28, 2017.

Each proposal should focus on ONE of the following four course topics:
Policy, Content, Impact, or Sustainability. See the Library Publishing
Curriculum Framework
for more details on what each of these course topics might include.

Each selected author will develop a self-paced online course covering
approximately 5-7 subtopics and providing approximately 15 hours of
instruction and materials.

Selected proposal authors will:


   Attend an in-person retreat with the project team and fellow authors to
   review program goals, discuss formats and learning styles, and refine the
   learning objectives and methods we will use for each course and its
   subtopics (April-May, 2017).

   Assemble the following learning materials for each course subtopic:
   learning objectives, readings, a narrative core for the course, a brief
   annotated bibliography, case studies, and exercises (May-August, 2017).

   Refine the materials according to guidance from an Instructional
   Designer (August-September, 2017).

   Create a course guide to support those who may use the materials (October

   Assist in the creation of evaluation instruments tied to the learning
   objectives and competencies covered in your course (November-December,

   Be invited to participate as a panelist at the 2018 Library Publishing
   Forum <https://www.librarypublishing.org/events> to talk about the
   project and the course materials (March-April, 2018).

The curriculum is expected to reach more than 100 students in the first
year of pilot experiences (2018) through LIS programs, professional
development workshops, and online courses.

We are pleased to be able to offer an honorarium of $4,000 for each of the
four course topics (Policy, Content, Impact, and Sustainability). This
honorarium will be provided to each of the four authors (or author teams)
as they complete their work on the four course topics in December 2017, in
recognition of the time and energy course development requires. Travel
expenses will be covered for each of the four authors (or, in the case of a
team, the lead author) to attend the in-person retreat. In addition, each
author will have an opportunity to present at the 2018 Library Publishing

Proposals are due by 5pm PT on February 28, 2017. Authors will be notified
by March 31, 2017.

Proposals should consist of:


   A 1-2 page summary of your proposed approach to designing and developing
   the self-paced online course on one of the four named topics (Policy,
   Content, Impact, or Sustainability) and its range of potential subtopics
   (please see the Framework
   for more information).

   A current author CV. For team proposals, a CV should be included for
   each team member, along with brief contribution statements, and a lead
   author for correspondence should be identified.

   A brief (one paragraph) statement of purpose, explaining why you are
   interested in being an author in this project.

Proposals will be reviewed and authors selected by the Advisory Board
<https://educopia.org/research/publishingcurriculum>, with the following
criteria in mind:


   Successful proposals will demonstrate knowledge of the relevant topics,
   effective written communication skills, understanding of diverse learning
   styles, and will cover the topics and objectives laid out in the framework.


   The field of library publishing includes a broad range of publication
   types and activities (e.g., journals, monographs, ETDs, and textbooks, in
   both restricted and open access formats), and proposals that reflect this
   range will be prioritized.

   Care will be taken to assemble a group of authors with diverse voices in
   terms of gender, sexuality, race, and cultural backgrounds.

*Melanie Schlosser*
Scholarly Communications Program Leader
Educopia Institute
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