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Call for Participation - European Summer School in Information Retrieval (ESSIR 2007)

Organised by: University of Glasgow
In cooperation with: BCS-IRSG

27-31 August 2007, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom


This 6th edition of the summer school will give participants a grounding in the core subjects of Information Retrieval (IR), such as Architecture, IR models and Evaluation as well as various important applications, such as Web search, Interactive IR, XML Retrieval, Question Answering and Multimedia Retrieval. Moreover, ESSIR 2007 has a strong focus on large-scale IR and covers some recent and trendy topics and applications in IR, such as Distributed and Peer-to-Peer IR, Web Usage and Mining, Intranet/Enterprise search, Blog search and Information Retrieval in Context.

Classes and lectures include:

- Introduction to Information Retrieval (by Keith van Rijsbergen)
- IR Systems/Architecture & Large-scale IR (by Mark Sanderson)
- Web Information Retrieval (by David Hawking)
- Introduction to IR Models (by Norbert Fuhr)
- Advanced Statistical Models for IR (by Gianni Amati)
- Evaluation in IR & TREC (by Stephen Robertson)
- Machine Learning, Categorisation and Classification (by David Lewis)
- Structure/XML Retrieval (by Mounia Lalmas)
- Users, Interaction and Information Seeking/Retrieval (by Peter Ingwersen and Kalervo Järvelin)
- Information Retrieval and Context (by Ian Ruthven)
- Multimedia Information Retrieval (by Alan Smeaton)
- Question Answering, Information Extraction & NLP (by Maarten de Rijke)
- Web Usage and Data Mining  (by Bettina Berendt)
- Distributed and Peer-to-Peer IR, including Open Source IR (by Wray Buntine)
- Intranet and Enterprise Search (by Nick Craswell and Arjen de Vries)

The 1-week event (Monday-Friday) will also include presentations and participation
from industrial speakers (e.g. a speaker from Google (tba) and Theo Huibers from Thaesis and Twente University).

A new Symposium on Future Directions in Information Access (FDIA), will be held in conjunction
with ESSIR 2007, which will provide a forum for early researchers to present their research in a friendly environment, whilst among senior researchers.

* Reception
   A reception sponsored by Google, will be held at the Hunterian Art Gallery
   (http://www.hunterian.gla.ac.uk/) on Monday 27th August 2007.

* Dinner/Banquet
   The banquet will be held at the Trades Hall of Glasgow
   (http://www.casinavaladier.it) on 30th August 2007

* A number of student bursaries are available from MMKM (Multimedia Knowledge Management Network) for UK-based students and from CEPIS-EIRSG (European Information Retrieval Specialist Group) for European students - application details are available on the Summer School website.
A full programme, venue, and details of registration instructions is available on the Summer School website at:


* In cooperation with BCS-IRSG

* Main Sponsors:
 Google: http://www.google.com
 Microsoft Research: http://research.microsoft.com
 Matrixware: http://www.matrixware.com
 CEPIS: http://www.cepis.org
 MMKM: http://www.mmkm.org/

* Contact ESSIR 2007 organisers at: essir2007-organisers (AT) dcs.gla.ac.uk

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