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The ASIS&T Special Interest Group for International Information Issues
(SIG-III) proudly introduces its blog as a means for communicating more
actively with members, colleagues, and others interested in information
science. The blog may be found here:


In connection to this year's Global Information Village Plaza, which will
conveine during the ASIS&T Annual Meeting, our blog hosts a discussion on
trust in information – specifically on how information professionals and
members of a general public judge the authority of the information they
receive, and how perceptions of trust change in different cultural contexts.
The discussion is broken down into six categories:

- How do we define trust?

- How do we measure trust?

- What aspects of trust, such as privacy or data harvesting, are most

- e-commerce and data mining

- Government surveilance

- Government censorship

The discussion of these aspects of trust has been lively, and we invite you
to participate.  We welcome any and all comments and thoughts you may have,
and would love to have you contribute them to our discussion.

On our blog you will also find information relating to the International
Calendar of Information Science Conferences (ICISC — icisc.neasist.org), as
well as information relating to SIG-III activities and current international
information issues.

We welcome your views!  Thanks for taking a look at the blog and for
contributing your thoughts!

The SIG-III Blog team
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