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Michel J. Menou Michel.Menou at wanadoo.fr
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 From IST results December 6, 2006


> Open archive for technology learning launched
> (Kaleidoscope) Kaleidoscope network has launched ‘TeLearn’, the 
> world's first . It is possible to submit material in any language, and 
> the resources found in the archive do not only include publications, 
> but also audio and video presentations. Users can search, browse and 
> submit by date, author and content. Moreover, the materials uploaded 
> to TeLearn are fixed with such specific information as date of 
> publication, ownership and content, thereby protecting the 
> intellectual property rights of researchers. In the long term, TeLearn 
> will be established as a sustainable service with necessary supporting 
> infrastructure meeting the needs and concerns of researchers and 
> publishers. The archive will benefit not only researchers, but also 
> teachers, policy makers and the public, offering insight into 
> up-to-date research in the field of ICT-supported learning. "This will 
> make research more transparent and more effective," said Dr. Nicolas 
> Balacheff, scientific manager of the Kaleidoscope Network. The archive 
> also contributes to one of the one of the overarching drivers of 
> Kaleidoscope. This European research network works with shaping the 
> scientific evolution of technology-enhanced learning. It integrates 
> the leading research teams in the field, who work collaboratively 
> across educational, computer and social sciences to transform the 
> quality and reach of the learning experience.
> http://www.telearn.eu <http://www.telearn.eu/>
> 6 Dec 2006

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