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Michel J. Menou Michel.Menou at wanadoo.fr
Sat May 21 06:40:08 EDT 2005

Apologies for multiple postings

We are delighted to announce that the first issue of *KM4D Journal* is 
now available online! Check it out at www.km4dev.org/journal. The issue 
deals with the theme '*Supporting communities in development: tools and 

**What is KM4D Journal?**
KM4D Journal might well be the first community of practice-based 
journal. It came into existence on the basis of a shared perceived need 
to capture more formally the knowledge generated within the 
KM4Dev-community. You will find KM4Dev'ers (and beyond) as authors, 
reviewers, editorial board members, chief editors, management team 
members, etc. etc., from all across the world, both researchers and 
practitioners, all of whom provided spontaneous support and contributions.

**What can you find in the first issue?**
We have tried to compile a well-rounded and interesting first issue, 
containing a nice compilation of articles, case studies, a story, an 
interview, community notes... all in all, contributions from people in 
the North and in the South, working on different KM-related aspects in a 
development context. The issue captures an interesting cross-section of 
the KM-community, but the articles are accessible and interesting also 
for other people beyond this community.

The theme of issue 1 is 'Supporting communities in development - tools 
and approaches'. Topics covered in this issue include:
- Knowledge communities and the tsunami response: experience from the 
Crisis Prevention and Recovery Community of the UNDP
- Designing sustainable communities at CARE
- Communities of practice for development in the Middle East and North 
- Virtual knowledge communities: lessons learned in making them work

And much more!

Go to www.km4dev.org/journal to read the articles.

If all goes well, a paper version of this issue will be published for 
the upcoming KM4Dev event in Geneva (June 2005). It is likely that we 
will do an official launch of the journal there also.

Look forward to seeing you on the platform and hearing your responses!

Julie Ferguson & Sarah Cummings
Guest Editors for Issue 1

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