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Michel J. Menou Michel.Menou at wanadoo.fr
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>The Language-Action Perspective on Communication Modelling '05 (LAP2005)
>in Kiruna, Lapland, Sweden, June 19-20
>LAP - the Language-Action Perspective on Communication Modelling - is a
>theoretical orientation toward solving these design challenges that has
>been taken up by an international, multi-disciplinary community of
>researchers and practitioners. LAP emphasizes the importance of
>interaction and communication in designing useable, useful, and legitimate
>information systems. LAP recognizes that language is not only used for
>exchanging information, as in reports or statements, but that language is
>used to perform actions, as in promises, orders, requests, and
>declarations. Such actions are the foundation of communities and
>organisations and must be understood to create effective systems. This
>insight has profound implications for the theory and practice of designing
>systems to support organisational and community processes.
>So far, 9 successful gatherings of scholars and practitioners interested
>in the Language-Action Perspective (LAP) have been held in the
>Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Canada and USA.
>Conference Information as well as registration, accommodation and travel
>information is available at: www.vits.org/LAP2005
>and to
>Communication and Coordination in Business Processes - An International
>Workshop (CCBP2005)
>in Kiruna, Lapland, Sweden, June 22
>The significance of communication and coordination in business processes
>has been emphasised in many theoretical and practical approaches. In order
>to develop information systems for business process it is necessary to
>describe and evaluate coordination and communication. This research
>workshop is devoted to issues of communication and coordination in
>business processes. Questions to be addressed include but are not limited
>to the coordination of work within and between organisations; the role of
>information technology in coordination of business processes; modelling,
>evaluation and business processes (re)design; as well as what
>infrastructures are needed for communication and coordination in business
>Besides these evident practical issues there are other issues of more
>conceptual and theoretical character which must be addressed like: How are
>the concepts of communication and coordination related to each other? What
>is coordinated in business processes? What is the role of human beings vs
>information technology in business processes?
>Conference Information as well as registration, accommodation and travel
>information is available at: www.vits.org/CCBP2005
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