[Eurchap] Re: European Chapter ASIST 2002 in Philadelphia Student Nomination

Tefko Saracevic tefko at scils.rutgers.edu
Thu Aug 15 13:51:35 EDT 2002

This is great! Koraljka certainly deserves the award. And thanks to Emil 
for organizing this and as usual, doing a great job for ASIST.
Looking forward to greeting you at ASIST and having together the 
Philadelphia specialty: Philly cheese steak.

At 10:53 PM 8/5/2002 +0200, Emil Levine wrote:
>Koraljka Golub
>University of Zagreb, Croatia
>Dear Ms. Golub/Kori,
>You have been selected by the European Chapter of ASIST to attend the 
>American Society for Information Science and Technology meeting in 
>Philadelphia 18-21 November 2002, with possibility to also attend 
>preconference meetings. This is based on your nomination by the Croatian 
>ASIST representative, selection of the Croation ASIST student of the year, 
>your translation of Christine Borgman's book and translation of Buckland's 
>book into the Croatian language, winning the ASIST 2002 poster session, 
>and presentation of papers at LIDA 2001 and 2002. Congratulations. See 
>for details. As ASIST student member for Croatia, you will also receive 
>the ASIST Journal and Bulletin for one year. Please advise us of your 
>mailing address, copy to <mailto:rhill at asis.org>rhill at asis.org.
>This nomination is pending approval of ASIST headquarters. However, we 
>expect it will be approved. Please advise if you will be able to attend 
>this meeting.
>The award will be approximately +/-$1,700 to cover expenses for travel and 
>per diem depending on your travel arrangements. We hope this will 
>establish a precedence for future student members of the European Chapter 
>of ASIST to attend the annual meeting.
>Best Regards,
>Emil Levine
>Chapter Advisor
>European Chapter ASIST

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