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Date: Jun 30, 2007 1:32 AM
Subject: seeking advice from the list
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Would you please post the following message on my behalf?

I am the law librarian at Gordon Thomas Honeywell in Tacoma.  I am
also working on my thesis for my Masters' of Public Administration at
the Evergreen State College.

I am studying negotiated rulemaking - a process in which a group of
stakeholders meet and draft a rule that must be approved by consensus
of the group.

I know next to nothing about data mining or text analysis software.

I have compiled two very large sets of text - one consisting of years
of negotiated rules and another consisting of years of
conventionally-drafted rules.  I want to look for similarities within
the set and differences between the sets.  I have thought of some
criteria, such as complexity of language or permissive vs. imperative
language -- but I am interested in just about any qualities the
English language could have where these sets could vary.

I have two questions for the list:

1. What tests or criteria would you suggest to compare the texts?
2. What software would you recommend?

Feel free to share your answers with the list, but since I am not a
member of the list, please copy me on your response.  My e-mail
address is vkueter at nventure.com .  Thank you.

Vince Kueter

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