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In my earlier message I neglected to include the link to the website for 
this colloquium. It contains additional information, including a profile 
of our keynote speaker.


*Call for Proposals*

Libraries and Archives in the Anthropocene: A Colloquium
May 13-14, 2017
New York University

As stewards of a culture’s collective knowledge, libraries and archives 
are facing the realities of cataclysmic environmental change with a 
dawning awareness of its unique implications for their missions and 
activities. Some professionals in these fields are focusing new energies 
on the need for environmentally sustainable practices in their 
institutions. Some are prioritizing the role of libraries and archives 
in supporting climate change communication and influencing government 
policy and public awareness. Others foresee an inevitable unraveling of 
systems and ponder the role of libraries and archives in a world much 
different from the one we take for granted. Climate disruption, peak 
oil, toxic waste, deforestation, soil salinity and agricultural crisis, 
depletion of groundwater and other natural resources, loss of 
biodiversity, mass migration, sea level rise, and extreme weather events 
are all problems that indirectly threaten to overwhelm civilization’s 
knowledge infrastructures, and present information institutions with 
unprecedented challenges.

This colloquium will serve as a space to explore these challenges and 
establish directions for future efforts and investigations. We invite 
proposals from academics, librarians, archivists, activists, and others.

  * Some suggested topics and questions:
  * How can information institutions operate more sustainably?
  * How can information institutions better serve the needs of policy
    discussions and public awareness in the area of climate change and
    other threats to the environment?
  * How can information institutions support skillsets and technologies
    that are relevant following systemic unraveling?
  * What will information work look like without the infrastructures we
    take for granted?
  * How does information literacy instruction intersect with ecoliteracy?
  * How can information professionals support radical environmental
  * What are the implications of climate change for disaster preparedness?
  * What role do information workers have in addressing issues of
    environmental justice?
  * What are the implications of climate change for preservation practices?
  * Should we question the wisdom of preserving access to the
    technological cultural legacy that has led to the crisis?
  * Is there a new responsibility to document, as a mode of bearing
    witness, the historical event of society's confrontation with the
    systemic threat of climate change, peak oil, and other environmental
  * Given the ideological foundations of libraries and archives in
    Enlightenment thought, and given that Enlightenment civilization may
    be leading to its own environmental endpoint, are these ideological
    foundations called into question? And with what consequences?

Lightning talk (5 minutes)
Paper (20 minutes)

Proposals are due August 1, 2016.
Notifications of acceptance will be sent by September 16, 2016.
Submit your proposal here: http://goo.gl/forms/rz7uN1mBNM

  * Planning committee:
  * Casey Davis is Project Manager at the American Archive of Public
    Broadcasting at WGBH and co-founder of ProjectARCC: Archivists
    Responding to Climate Change <https://projectarcc.org/>.
  * Madeleine Charney is Sustainability Studies Librarian at UMass
    Amherst and co-founder of theSustainability Round Table of the
    American Library Association <http://www.ala.org/sustainrt/home>.
  * Rory Litwin is a former librarian and the founder of Litwin Books,
    LLC <http://litwinbooks.com/> (Colloquium sponsor)

Rory Litwin
Library Juice Academy
Library Juice Press
Litwin Books, LLC
PO Box 188784, Sacramento CA 95818
Tel. 218-260-6115

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