[Asis-l] MIREX 2016: Announcing the Music Information Retrieval eXchange for 2016

Downie, J Stephen jdownie at illinois.edu
Thu Apr 14 12:33:08 EDT 2016

The 2016 Music Information Retrieval Evaluation eXchange (MIREX) wiki is now up and running. This will be twelfth year of MIREX and we hope for the best one yet! Over the past eleven years, MIREX has evaluated nearly 2,800 MIR algorithm runs on a wide variety of music-related tasks.

MIREX has rolling deadline from June to July, please refer to the list at the bottom of this email for the submission data for your task. We will be trying out new and exciting variations on our traditional MIREX sessions during ISMIR 2016 happening in NYC between 7 - 11 August, 2016. Check out the conference website: https://wp.nyu.edu/ismir2016/. Specific dates and details concerning MIREX sessions follow later.

This year we have 19 possible tasks; 18 existing tasks and 1 new one, but if you and your colleagues wish to propose new tasks or new data, please feel free to set up at task page on the wiki. We strive to keep MIREX a community endeavour. In keeping with MIREX tradition, if we have three teams involved in a task, we will run that task.

We introduce this year's task captains: Aggelos Gkiokas (Audio Tempo Estimation), Chris Tralie (Audio Cover Song Identification), Chung-Che Wang (Audio Fingerprinting), Corrêa Débora C. (Structural Segmentation), Dalwon Jang on behalf of KETI (Audio Melody Extraction, Audio Key Detection), David Heise (Audio Offset Detection), Florian Krebs (Audio Beat Tracking), Hsin-Min Wang (Set List Identification), Johan Pauwels (Audio Chord Estimation, Audio Key Detection), Ju-Chiang Wang (Set List Identification), Julio Carabias (Real-time Audio to Score Alignment), Li Su (Singing Voice Separation), Ming-Chi Yen (Set List Identification), Sebastian Böck (Audio Beat Tracking, Audio Downbeat Estimation, Audio Onset Detection), Shompa Ghosh (Multiple Fundamental Frequency Estimation & Tracking, Structural Segmentation), Tak-Shing Chan (Singing Voice Separation), Tom Collins (Discovery of Repeated Themes & Sections), Yi-Hsuan Yang (Singing Voice Separation, Set List Identification), Yun Hao (Multiple Fundamental Frequency Estimation & Tracking, Audio Classification (Train/Test) Tasks, Audio Music Similarity and Retrieval), Peter Organisciak (Structural Segmentation, Audio Cover Song Identification, Audio Classification Train/Test Tasks), Kahyun Choi (Audio Classification Train/Test Tasks, Audio Music Similarity and Retrieval).

More information can be found at the MIREX 2016 wiki, including details on submitting:


The EvalFest mailing list <evalfest at lists.lis.illinois.edu> is our primary point of communication. To subscribe, visit https://mail.lis.illinois.edu/mailman/listinfo/evalfest. For personal questions, please contact  the MIREX 2016 Team <mirex at imirsel.org>.

Remember, MIREX is all about community involvement; so, get involved!

# June 16th 2016
-Audio Classification (Train/Test) Tasks (TC: IMIRSEL)
# July 1st 2016
-Audio Music Similarity and Retrieval (TC: IMIRSEL)
-Audio Tempo Estimation (TC: Aggelos Gkiokas)
-Multiple Fundamental Frequency Estimation & Tracking (TC: Yun Hao, Shompa Ghosh)
-Set List Identification (TC: Ming-Chi Yen, Hsin-Min Wang, Ju-Chiang Wang, Yi-Hsuan Yang)
-Structural Segmentation (TC: Piotr Organisciak, Corrêa Débora C., Shompa Ghosh)
# July 8th  2016
-Audio Beat Tracking (TC: Sebastian Böck, Florian Krebs)
-Audio Chord Estimation (TC: Johan Pauwels)
-Audio Cover Song Identification (TC: Chris Tralie)
-Audio Downbeat Estimation (TC: Florian Krebs, Sebastian Böck)
-Audio Key Detection (TC: Johan Pauwels)
-Audio Melody Extraction (TC: KETI (Dalwon Jang))
-Audio Onset Detection (TC: Sebastian Böck)
-Audio Fingerprinting (TC: Chung-Che Wang)
-Discovery of Repeated Themes & Sections (TC: Tom Collins)
-Query by Singing/Humming (TC: KETI (Dalwon Jang))
-Real-time Audio to Score Alignment (TC: Julio Carabias)
-Singing Voice Separation (TC: Tak-Shing Chan, Yi-Hsuan Yang, Li Su)
-Audio Offset Detection (TC: David Heise)

J. Stephen Downie, on behalf of the MIREX 2016 Team at the University of Illinois

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