[Asis-l] revising ASIS&T conference papers for submission to JASIST

Diane Sonnenwald diane.sonnenwald at gmail.com
Sun Apr 10 05:56:07 EDT 2016

There have been some questions raised regarding the possibilities of
revising an ASIS&T conference paper into a submission for our journal,

This has always been a possibility, however, different journals have
different practices with respect to the quantity and type of new content in
the version submitted to a journal.

In discussions with Javed Mostafa, the new editor of JASIST, he recommends
the following:

Instead of focusing on the volume (or percentage) of new content,
concentrate on what type of new content you can (should) add.

If it is an experimental or empirical research paper, concentrate on adding
at least several more rounds of experiments or additional data collection
as well as additional data analysis focused on new or revised/extended
questions.  Also focus on deepening the literature survey to cover more
material and add more critical discussion and synthesis of the literature.
Finally, expand the limitations, discussion (including implications), and
future research sections.

If the work is not experimental or empirical in nature, a significantly
deeper literature review and critical analysis should be included in the
journal submission. It would be highly important to point out what
motivated the production of the subsequent paper, particularly new
questions and previously unexamined angles (based on solid rationale).
Relative to a conference-length paper, the implications and the potential
impacts section of the non-empirical journal paper must also be
substantially expanded.


Diane and Javed

Diane H. Sonnenwald

Visiting Professor, Distinguished Endowed Chair
Taiwan Global Networking Talent Program
Graduate Institute of Library and Information Studies
National Taiwan Normal University
Taipei (10610), Taiwan R.O.C.

Emerita Professor of Information and LIbrary Studies
University College Dublin

Editor, *Theory Development in the Information Sciences*

Chair, 2016 ASIS&T Annual Meeting
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