[Asis-l] New Book --- Regulating the Cloud: Policy for Computing Infrastructure (MIT Press)

Jean-François Blanchette blanchette at ucla.edu
Wed Oct 28 22:31:16 EDT 2015

I wanted to bring to your attention this recently published book which you might find useful for your teaching. The book covers cloud policy from the point of view of economics, security, reliability, architecture, privacy, consumer issues, archives, copyright, and liability, so a good coverage of salient issues by experts in the field. We worked hard with these experts to make the chapters not only useful as up-to-date surveys of their respective topics, but also as didactic introductions that take the reader step by step through the conceptual, technical, and historical development of their issues and how the cloud impacts them. As such the book would be quite adequate for upper-division or graduate courses. It is also immediately available as a paperback (for the price of a paperback) and as hardcover.

Regulating the Cloud: Policy for Computing Infrastructure.
Christopher S. Yoo and Jean-François Blanchette, editors.

The emergence of cloud computing marks the moment when computing has become, materially and symbolically, infrastructure---a sociotechnical system that is ubiquitous, essential, and foundational. Increasingly integral to the operation of other critical infrastructures, such as transportation, energy, and finance, it functions, in effect, as a meta-infrastructure. As such, the cloud raises a variety of policy and governance issues, among them market regulation, fairness, access, reliability, privacy, national security, and copyright. In this book, experts from a range of disciplines offer their perspectives on these and other concerns.

Introduction --- Jean-François Blanchette: Computing's Infrastructural Moment
Chapter 1 --- Joe Weinman: Cloud Strategy and Economics
Chapter 2 --- Marjory S. Blumenthal: Finding Security in the Clouds
Chapter 3 --- William Lehr: Reliability and the Internet Cloud
Chapter 4 --- Christopher S. Yoo: Cloud Computing, Contractibility, and Network Architecture
Chapter 5 --- Andrea Renda: Cloud Privacy in the US and the EU
Chapter 6 --- Jonathan Cave, Neil Robinson, Svitlana Kobzar, Helen Rebecca Schindler: Understanding 	Regulatory and Consumer Interest in the Cloud
Chapter 7 --- Luciana Duranti: Digital Records and Archives in the Commercial Cloud
Chapter 8 --- Lothar Determann and David Nimmer: Software Copyright's Oracle from the Cloud
Chapter 9 --- Nicolas Bauch: Bodies in the Cloud: A Geography of Electronic Health Data
Conclusion —-— Sandra Braman: The State of Cloud Computing Policy

Serie’s Editor Introduction and Introduction available here:

Jean-François Blanchette, Associate Professeur
Dept. of Information Studies, UCLA

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