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University of Kentucky Library and Information Science (LIS) alumnus *Tyler
Nix* has been chosen as one of this year’s Associate Fellows at the
National Library of Medicine (NLM). Nix, who pursued the Health Information
track during his graduate student tenure, was one of only three selected
for an Associate Fellowship position this year. Nix spoke to SLIS about his
fellowship appointment, pursuing a career in health librarianship, and his
plans for the future.

*What was your first reaction upon hearing you were chosen for the

*“As any graduate student will tell you, the job hunt can be overwhelming.
The fellowship offers a combination of learning through a formal curriculum
program, and leadership development through project-based work. So [my
reaction was] it feels like a once-in-a-lifetime experience. *“

*Could you tell us about why you were drawn to health information and
health librarianship? Were there any particularly compelling topics that
you studied during your time in the LIS program?*

*“Health science librarianship works to connect patients, students, and
care providers with the best health and biomedical information available. A
person's concern for their health and the health of their loved ones is
universal. At some point, each of us will likely be faced with a health
challenge. So there is a sense of relevancy there that is very compelling.
And there have been so many opportunities to engage with the field in
Lexington. I learned about healthcare navigators through a research project
with SLIS and Medical Center Library faculty, and from there took courses
in consumer health information, the search and evaluation of health science
literature, and evidence-based medicine.”*

*“I was also fortunate to work with the Frontier Nursing University
librarians in expanding their institutional repository, with collections
ranging from current nursing and nurse-midwifery instructional materials,
to doctorate research capstones, and historical materials from the Frontier
Nursing Service. “*

*You've participated with the National Library of Medicine before during
the **Alternative Spring Break program* <http://ci.uky.edu/lis/asb>* here
at SLIS. How was that experience?*

*“The Alternative Spring Break program offered me a chance to intern at the
NLM for a week in March 2014. We worked on projects and got to know the
current Associate Fellows and meet several NLM staff members. So it was a
brief glimpse of the environment at NLM and was very influential in terms
of applying for the Associate Fellowship Program. I would recommend
applying to Alternative Spring Break to any current SLIS students who may
be considering it.”*

*What are your plans for the future, and how does this opportunity at NLM
play a role?*

*“My long term plans are still in the making, so this position offers a
chance to continue in-depth learning and participate in health science
librarianship initiatives while building on the graduate school experience.
The NLM is producing content and managing projects that are unique in the
field, so I expect that the fellowship experience will strongly help to
shape what comes next [for me].”*

The School congratulates Tyler Nix on this well-earned achievement. We wish
him success as his sets out for this new opportunity.

More information on the Associate Fellowship program may be found at the
National Library of Medicine’s website
<https://www.nlm.nih.gov/about/training/associate/index.html>.  The
University of Kentucky’s Library and Information Science master’s program
has been ranked as a top 5 program for health librarianship
U.S. News and World Report. For more information on the master’s program,
please visit ci.uky.edu/lis/mslsonline.


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