[Asis-l] Funded PhD positions in the area of Interactive Information Retrieval at Rutgers iSchool

Chirag Shah chirags at rutgers.edu
Thu Dec 10 15:03:39 EST 2015

The School of Communication & Information (SC&I) at Rutgers University invites applications from talented and energetic prospective students wanting to help shape the future of research in Information Retrieval, Social Media, and related areas. Rutgers is one of the premier research universities in the US and is located very close to New York City.

Rutgers: http://www.rutgers.edu/ <http://www.rutgers.edu/>
SC&I: http://comminfo.rutgers.edu/ <http://comminfo.rutgers.edu/>
SC&I PhD program: http://comminfo.rutgers.edu/ph-d-program/getting-in-admission-aid.html <http://comminfo.rutgers.edu/ph-d-program/getting-in-admission-aid.html>
iSchool concentration of the PhD program: http://comminfo.rutgers.edu/phd-program/lis-concentration.html <http://comminfo.rutgers.edu/phd-program/lis-concentration.html>

We have multiple openings to fully support PhD students for research focusing on information retrieval/seeking, social media, and their intersection. Specifically, Prof. Nick Belkin and Prof. Chirag Shah are looking for new PhD students to work with them on their newly funded NSF project on "Characterizing and Evaluating Whole Session Interactive Information Retrieval” (http://inforetrieval.org/iir/ <http://inforetrieval.org/iir/>). The funding includes a stipend of at least $26,000, full waiver of tuition and fees, health benefits and travel support.

The deadline for application with a consideration for financial assistant is January 15th (apply earlier if possible).

Finally, know that we have a fairly centralized application process, which means we do not get to make any decisions about whether or not to accept a given student -- it is a much more holistic evaluation of each applicant's overall promise done by the graduate school and the PhD faculty at SC&I.

That said, if you are applying with a particular interest in information retrieval/seeking or social media, please 1) mention our names in your statement of interest, and 2) send us a brief email with a link to your CV so we can keep an eye out for your application and put a good word in for you. We receive *many* such emails so unfortunately cannot reply to all, but trust we'll receive it if you send it.

Nick Belkin
Chirag Shah
Rutgers University

Chirag Shah, PhD
Assistant Professor of Information and Computer Science
Rutgers University

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