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There is still time to register for the 2013 NFAIS Annual Conference, In Search of Answers: Unlocking New Value from Content. The meeting is scheduled to take place from February 24-26, 2013 at the historic Hyatt at the Bellevue in Philadelphia, PA.  The final program and registration form can be accessed at: http://nfais.brightegg.com/page/372-2013-nfais-annual-conference.

Just a few of the organizations that will be discussing how they are unlocking new value through data aggregation and mining  and through the application of analytics, metrics, visualization tools and artificial intelligence are:

Elsevier (smart content), Gale-Cengage (analytics), Outsell, Inc. (New Survey results on creating value with metrics and analytics), Oxford University (unlocking the value of audio collections), University of Hertfordshire (text mining the humanities), Thomson Reuters IP & Science (data citation index), McGraw Hill Construction (from data to business intelligence), JSTOR (the challenge of big data),    Harvard University (visualizing astronomy articles in the sky), Narrative Science (automated narrative generation), TEMIS (semantics), and Thomson Corporate R&D (computational approaches to intelligent information).

Tools for the measurement of value will also be discussed by Plum Analytics (alternative metrics), Macmillan’s Digital Science (metrics for context), and OpenX (maximizing content value in digital networks) while a panel of experts from the University of Michigan, Elsevier, Drexel University and Mendeley will discuss how publishers, librarians, and users need to work together to develop reasonable and practical policies  on privacy, intellectual property and security that will support efforts required to create  new value.

>From an opening keynote by David Weinberger on creating knowledge in an age of connectedness all the way through to the closing keynote by Frank Stein who will look at IBM’s Watson and the future role that artificial intelligence and big data will play in transforming content into knowledge, the conference will provide an interesting look at how far we have progressed from delivering information to the ultimate goal of providing actionable amswers. The special members-only event this year will feature Michael Cairns, President, Information Media Partners, who will present his annual predictions for publishing and media (prior registration required).

To register or obtain more information contact: Jill O'Neill, NFAIS Director of Communication and Planning (jilloneill at nfais.org or 215-893-1561) or visit the NFAIS Web site at http://nfais.brightegg.com/page/372-2013-nfais-annual-conference.

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