[Asis-l] 2012 Music Information Retrieval Evaluation eXchange (MIREX)

J. Stephen Downie jdownie at illinois.edu
Fri Jun 8 20:40:34 EDT 2012

Dear Music IR Friends and Colleagues:

The 2012 Music Information Retrieval Evaluation eXchange (MIREX)
wiki is up and running. This will be the eighth iteration of MIREX. We
are looking forward to the most rewarding MIREX yet. Over the past eight
years, MIREX has evaluated over 1400 MIR algorithm runs on a wide 
variety of music-related tasks.

The MIREX wiki outlines proposed tasks for MIREX 2012. Of course, if you
and your colleagues wish to propose some new tasks, and you have some
data for MIREX to use, please feel free to set up at task page on the wiki.

In keeping with MIREX tradition, if we have three folks/teams involved 
in a task, we will run that task.

The 2012 MIREX Wiki Page:

Because of robo-spam, many of you will need to make new accounts on the
2012 wiki. Accounts will need to be verified a member of the MIREX team 
so please be patient with us if we fall a bit behind in validating the 

The MIREX plenary and poster sessions will be convened on Friday, 12 
October 2012 as part of a special evaluation session at the 13th 
International Society for Music Information Retrieval (ISMIR) Conference 
in Porto, Portugal, which runs from 8 October to 12 October 2012 

MIREX 2012 has two sets of submission deadlines this year.

A) Tasks with a 20 August 2011 deadline:

    1. Audio Classification (Train/Test) Tasks
    2. Audio Music Similarity and Retrieval
    3. Symbolic Melodic Similarity

B) Tasks with a 27 August 2012 deadline:

    1. All remaining MIREX 2012 tasks.

If you have general questions, feel free to post them to the EvalFest
list <evalfest at lists.lis.illinois.edu>[1]. Specific problem requests can
be made to the MIREX team via <mirex at imirsel.org>.

Remember, MIREX is all about community involvement; so, get involved!

==Announcing the K-MIREX KETI/Illinois Collaboration==

The MIREX team at the University of Illinois is very proud to announce 
its new K-MIREX Collaboration with the research team led by Dr. Seok-Pil 
Lee and Chai-Jong Song of the Digital Media Research Center at the Korea 
Electronics Technology Institute (KETI) http://www.keti.re.kr/e-keti/. 
Dr. Song and his KETI colleagues will be taking the lead on running the 
2012 Query by Singing/Humming (QBSH) and Audio Melody Extraction (AME) 
Tasks. We do not foresee any special deviations from traditional MIREX 
submission procedures for these two tasks. Should they arise, 
participants will be informed.

==MIREX and the Million Song Dataset Challenge==

The MIREX team at the University of Illinois is also proud to announce 
its co-operative engagement with the Million Song Dataset (MSD) 
Challenge team of Brian McFee, Thierry Bertin-Mahieux, Daniel P.W. 
Ellis, and Gert Lanckriet. The MSD Challenge ends 2012-08-09 23:59 UTC.

For specific details on the MSD Challenge, please see:
http://www.kaggle.com/c/msdchallenge for

J. Stephen Downie on behalf of the Illinois MIREX team.

1. The EvalFest list is the official communications list for MIREX.
Subscription information at:
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