[Asis-l] Otlet and Fontaine make the front pages!

Marcia J. Bates mjbates at ucla.edu
Thu Dec 13 10:53:34 EST 2012


The Dec. 12 issue of the Wall Street Journal has a front-page article 
about The Encyclopedia of World Problems, which is published by the 
same organization that Otlet and Fontaine, the famous documentalists, 
founded in Brussels in the early 20th century.  Boyd Rayward and 
Charles van den Heuvel have written extensively about them in JASIST 
and elsewhere.  The Wall Street Journal even has a photo of the women 
(of course) filing the cards in the great world catalog of the 
Mundaneum, and their boss (male, of course) standing behind them.

The title of the article is "Encyclopedia of World Problems Has a Big 
One of Its Own."

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