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Call for Submissions: Special Issue on Archival Education and Human Rights

InterActions: UCLA Journal of Education and Information Studies

In a recent article in American Archivist, a group of some two-dozen
archival faculty and doctoral students from programs around the world called
on archival educators to develop a new educational framework that both
reflects and reflects upon pluralist approaches to archival theory and
practice.1 This article added to an ongoing conversation in archival
education regarding the ethical imperative of faculty to engage students
with culturally sensitive curricula and to promote a social justice agenda
in and outside the classroom. At the same time, a growing body of archival
studies literature has addressed the intersection of archives and human
rights, interrogating the role of records and recordkeeping institutions in
both facilitating human rights violations and holding oppressive regimes
legally and historically accountable for such violations.

This special issue of InterActions seeks to bring together these two streams
of archival thought in hopes of explicating the role of human rights and
social justice in archival education. How are we to conceive of human rights
at the nexus of archival education, research, and action? What ethical
responsibilities do archival educators have in addressing human rights
concerns in the classroom? What pedagogical strategies might educators
employ in order to include discussions about human rights and archives
within the context of professional training and practices, and the theories
that undergird them? InterActions seeks to include a range of submissions,
including (but not limited to) research articles, literature reviews, book
reviews, exhibition reviews, featured commentaries, and position pieces.
Submissions should incorporate critical perspectives that aim to bridge
multiple discourses around the theme of the issue. All submissions will be
subject to double-blind peer-review and authors are expected to adhere to
the deadlines to ensure the timely publication of the special issue.

Possible research questions:
- How might "human rights" be defined in the context of archival education?
What are the opportunities and difficulties of adopting an orientation
toward human rights in archival education?
- What is the relationship between a social justice agenda and a human
rights framework in the archival classroom? What roles might information
technologies play in working toward classroom agendas for extending and
supporting human rights?
- What theoretical positions might be taken up when considering the current
and future state of research in the domains of human rights and archival
- What philosophical, pedagogical, political, and/or ethical questions are
at play that might provide opportunities for strategic action?
- How might archival educators incorporate human rights genealogies and/or
- What are the implications of globalization on discourses on human rights
in archival education?
- How might archival education and/or human rights intersect with the roles
and responsibilities of educational institutions within the public sector?

- Deadline for Submissions: January 15, 2012
- Tentative deadline for peer reviews of submitted manuscripts: March 15,
- Tentative deadline for revisions to submitted manuscript: April 30, 2012
- Publication date for the Special Issue on Human Rights: Early June 2012

Please submit manuscripts at http://escholarship.org/uc/gseis_interactions or
directly to the email addresses below. Any questions or inquiries about the
special issue may be directed to:
- Andrew J Lau (UCLA; Information Studies Editor for InterActions):
andrewjlau at ucla.edu
- Michelle Caswell (University of Wisconsin, Madison; Guest Editor):
mcaswell at wisc.edu
- InterActions: interactions at gseis.ucla.edu

InterActions is a peer-reviewed on-line journal committed to the promotion
of interdisciplinary and critical scholarship. Edited by students in the
UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, the journal
brings together senior and emerging scholars, activists, and professionals
whose work covers a broad range of theory and practice. InterActions is
published twice yearly with funding provided by the UCLA Graduate Students
Association and the UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies.

For more information, please visit

Patrick Keilty, PhD
Department of Information Studies
University of California, Los Angeles
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