[Asis-l] Content in Context: Why Dynamic Content and Content Choreography Is Critical to Information Management

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Hi All,

You are invited to a 4 part webinar series. 

Theme: Content in Context: Why Dynamic Content and Content Choreography Is Critical to Information Management  

Dates: September 15, 22, 29 & October 13 
Time: 1:00PM-2:30PM Eastern
Cost: Free with registration
Webinar Series Description: 

The most important strategy for dealing with vastly increasing quantity of information is to improve the relevance of information presented to the user.   This means finding exactly what a user needs when they need it in the format and context that they need it in.  Dynamic content management combines sophisticated use of taxonomy and content metadata to choreograph and assemble information based on various factors - who the user is, what step in a process they are engaged in, what information they need to execute a task, the topics they are interested in, etc.  Dynamically controlling content presentation allows for personalization, cross-selling, integration of structured and unstructured information sources, component authoring, single-sourcing of content, content reuse across platforms and devices, customized content for specific audiences and purposes, and content syndication and assembly based on user and interest profiles.   
This call series addresses key topics critical to the successful adoption of dynamic content processes within the enterprise. We'll discuss strategy, business case and value proposition, definitions, infrastructure requirements for programs, organizational maturity and governance, quality and compliance with content policies.  

Session 1 KEYNOTE speaker is: Bob Boiko, author of the Content Management Bible.  Also in session 1 is David Lipsey an innovative thought leader and speaker on contemporary content issues.  
Session 1:     Developing a Dynamic Content Management Strategy 
Session 2:     Content Choreography, IA & Search  
Session 3:     Dynamic Content Processes and Information Management Governance 
Session 4:     Getting More Value from SharePoint Content - The Role of Taxonomy and Information Architecture   
Hope to see you there.  Learn more or register here:  http://tinyurl.com/3cqtkpo

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