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Hello all!
I am very pleased to announce the winners of the 2011 ASIS&T Special Interest Group Awards.  These awards are for the publication, member, and overall SIG that showed the most outstanding performance over the last year.  Many congratulations to the award winners, and thanks to the SIG Cabinet Steering Committee, SIG of the Year Jury, and the nominators for their hard work in making this process happen smoothly!
KT Vaughan, ASIS&T SIG Cabinet Director 2009-2011

SIG Publication of the Year: SIG III Newsletter
The SIG International Information Issues (III) Newsletter is the 2011 SIG Publication of the Year.  This PDF newsletter contains a welcome from the Chair, minutes from the last meeting, reports from the 2010 Annual Meeting sessions and information about sessions proposed for 2011, bios of the InfoShare awardees, contact information for officers, and other information about the SIG that is of interest to members.  This well-written and comprehensive communications tool is a model for a SIG newsletter.  Congratulations to SIG III for their hard work!

SIG Member of the Year: Diane Neal, SIG CR
Dr. Diane Neal of SIG Classification Research (CR) is the 2011 SIG Member of the Year.  Diane was instrumental in the rejuvenation of SIG CR, including acting as its first Chair for several years.  Under Diane's leadership the SIG recruited new members, continued their popular workshop at the 2010 Annual Meeting, and helped plan a popular session for that meeting.  All three of Diane's recommenders write about her impressive ability to bring together multiple voices in fruitful discussion, particularly at the workshop.  These voices included researchers and professionals from all areas of knowledge organization and classification research.  Her reviews border on the gushing: "... she designed a program that was provocative and stimulating in its format, with a series of diverse and imaginatively-chosen speakers to begin with, followed by a format of papers and discussion which led to one of the most honest, open, and insightful discussions I've ever encountered in a SIG/CR pre-conference."  For her work rejuvenating SIG CR, and particularly for her work to expand and grow the SIG to include a broad range of members, Dr. Diane Neal presents an example to leaders of all levels in ASIS&T.  Thank you, and congratulations!

SIG of the Year: SIG DL
SIG Digital Libraries (DL) is the 2011 ASIS&T SIG of the Year.  SIG DL presented an impressive array of year-round programming, membership recruitment and retention, and leadership development activities.  This SIG not only presented panels and a workshop at the 2010 Annual Meeting, but also planned and sponsored two webinars during 2011.  This programming represented a range of interests, particularly in the institutional repository community.  SIG DL kept in contact with members and interested non-members through their Facebook and LinkedIn pages and Twitter feeds, and officers followed up by email after the Annual Meeting with attendees of their business meeting.  Officers and interested members held planning meetings online multiple times during the year; one of these was archived so non-attendees could view the discussion after the fact.  SIG DL was the only SIG, to knowledge, to come to the 2010 Annual Meeting having already elected their 2010/11 officers.  By holding their elections online rather than in person at the meeting, they dramatically improved SIG member participation in the election.  The SIG particularly noted their ongoing relationship among the leadership and their New Leaders Program awardee, Tina Jayroe, highlighting her role in the increase in the SIG's Twitter followers because of her outreach work.  Finally, they are working to develop members and potential members through an analysis of the membership lists of the SIG, the SIG listserv, and the Facebook and LinkedIn pages.  SIG DL showed unusual activity, both in programming and in communication with members through social media tools in 2011.  They are a role model for other SIGs looking to develop their membership, particularly among members unable to attend annual meetings.  Congratulations to June Abbas, Chair, and the officers and members of SIG DL for their excellent work in 2010/11 and, we trust, continuing into the future.

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