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Thu Apr 7 12:25:00 EDT 2011

Dear ASIST colleagues:

 I am organizing an panel, Digital content creation: A global view on curriculum, at the 2011 ASIST Annual Meeting.  The following is an introduction of the panel and tentative topics.   If you are interested, please contact me at chenhsin at iupui.edu.

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Digital content creation:  A global view on curriculum design


With emerging technologies, courses on digital content creation have been offered at library and information science programs in different countries.  Each program presents unique considerations based on its own academic environment; campus expectations and demands; professional development; as well as national education reform.  The digital content creation courses are often related to the topics of digital humanities, institutional repositories, digital scholarship, digital archives, learning technologies, and information services.  The purpose of this panel is to discuss the current development of those courses, share the best practice strategies, and identify issues for future development from an international perspective.


This panel will discuss the following topics:

?         The historical background of digital content creation courses in each academic program

?         The goals of these courses and the mission of the program

?         The current course offerings and practices

?         The benefits of course offerings to the program

?         Partnerships with other academic units or industries

?         Future sustainability and challenges of the curriculum design




Hsin-liang (Oliver) Chen

chenhsin at iupui.edu


317-278-2388 (phone)

317-278-1807 (fax)

Assistant Professor

School of Library and Information Science Indiana University-Indianapolis

755 West Michigan Street, UL 3100N

Indianapolis, Indiana 46202-5195

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