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Mark H Needleman mneedlem at ufl.edu
Wed Nov 17 09:51:47 EST 2010


here is another standard that ASIST needs to vote for - Again im posting 
this to the general ASIST membership in case anyone has any expertise in 
this area and would like to comment. Im only able to provide a limited 
number of the documents involved so if anyone thinks they would like to 
comment on this please send me a note and i can provide them

I would need comments and a recommendation for a vote by the end of 
December 2010

Mark Needleman
ASIST Standards Committee

New work item proposal, Revision of ISO 21127:2006 has been added.
Ballot Title: New work item proposal, Revision of ISO 21127:2006
This ballot is a proposal to revise the standard ISO/NP 21127:2006, 
Information and documentation -- A reference ontology for the 
interchange of cultural heritage information.

This proposal was made by ICOM (nternational Council of Museums) CIDOC 
(International Committee for Documentation) to incorporate changes 
requested by the CIDOC CRM Special Interest Group and to address 
comments received during the systematic review and to correct some 
inconsistencies. The original standard was based on work done by ICOM/CIDOC.

Included as reference documents with this ballot are:
N746 -- the new work item proposal that includes justification for the 
N747 -- a reference copy of the proposed revised standard that was 
prepared by ICOM/CIDOC
N748 -- a marked-up copy of the proposed revision showing what was 
changed from the published version

Your vote options are:
Yes -- approve the new project and move the draft to the DIS stage
No -- do not approve the project

Permission is granted by the American National Standards Institute to 
reproduce this International Standard for the purpose of review and 
comment related to the preparation of a U.S. position, provided this 
notice is included. All other rights are reserved.

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