[Asis-l] standards up for vote

Mark H Needleman mneedlem at ufl.edu
Fri Nov 12 09:47:45 EST 2010


As the new chair of the ASIST Standards Committee Im going to try 
something new. Instead of just submitting standards up for review or a 
vote to members of the Standards Committee, Im going to solicit comments 
and review from the entire ASIST community

Below are 3 ISO standards which are up for Review and ASIST has to 
comment and vote on. Unfortunately Im not able to provide copies of 
these standards to the entire membership. But if you have some expertise 
in the area that these standards cover and would be willing to provide 
comments and/or a suggested vote i can make these available to a limited 
number of people.

Please only ask for a copy of any of these standards if you can commit 
to reviewing them in a reasonable amount of time (for these December 
15th would be a good date). I hope that anyone who does request a copy 
of any of these standards will provide comments and/or a proposed vote.

For these ISO standards we can vote either


Hopefully this experiment will be successful and I can continue it with 
future standards


Mark H Needleman
ASIST Standards Committee


Systematic review of ISO 11940-2:2007, Information and documentation - 
Transliteration of Thai characters into Latin characters, Part 2: 
Simplified transcription of Thai language has been added.

Systematic review ISO 3602:1989, Documentation -- Romanization of 
Japanese (kana script) has been added

Systematic review ISO 3166-2:2007, Codes for the representation of names 
of countries and their subdivisions - Part 2: Country subdivision code 
has been added.

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