[Asis-l] First ASIST Lecture Announced

Richard Hill rhill at asis.org
Fri Dec 3 13:37:56 EST 2010

ASIST is pleased to announce that the first in the "ASIST Lecture Series"
will be presented by Dr. Sherrilynne Fuller on Monday, April 11, at the
University of Kentucky.  Dr Fuller will speak on "From Intervention
Informatics to Prevention Informatics."  Attendance is expected to be the UK
health / information community, but will be captured and made available to
ASIST members and others afterwards. 

Dr. Fuller is Professor of Biomedical and Health Informatics at the School
of Public Health and the Information School, University of Washington.
Professor Fuller is also Co-Director of the UW Center for Public Health
Informatics. She received her BA (Biology) and MLS (information Science)
degrees from Indiana University and her PhD (Information Science) from the
University of Southern California.  http://faculty.washington.edu/sfuller/

Dr. Fuller will speak on the topic of "From intervention Informatics to
prevention informatics." This speech will focus on her work on developing
health information systems (from individual patient records to building
integrated databases and tools to support disease surveillance). She will
discuss how the established model of information systems to support
intervention is leading to what she calls "prevention informatics," in which
information systems help prevent disease in the first place.  She will
discuss how the use of information and communications technologies for
improving health in low resource settings. She believes that many of the
information systems problems in developing countries are mirrored in a
variety of ways in the United States.      

The ASIS&T Lecture series was announced in 2010 as an annual program.  A
description of the lecture series guidelines is available at

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