[Asis-l] Public interest in the accessibility of scientific/scholarly literature

Laval Hunsucker amoinsde at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 24 14:27:44 EDT 2010

Hello, everyone,

May I, on behalf of another party, pass along to this
forum the following literature enquiry ?

Is anyone out there aware of publications or available
reports, from say the last twenty years ( but the more
recent, the better ), based on quantitative or qualitative
research into one or both of the following questions ? : 

1. Among the general public, what is the extent of the
demand for, or of serious interest in gaining, access
on a regular, continuing basis to peer-reviewed content
published in scientific/scholarly journals ?  For this
purpose, "the general public" should be taken to mean
all private individuals who do not already enjoy such
access, at no personal cost, by virtue of their formal
affiliation with an organization, such as a university or 
alarge corporation, which has -- or whose library or
information unit has -- itself arranged for and provides
such access to those affiliated with it, bearing
institutionally the cost of such arrangements.

2. What is the extent of such demand or serious interest
among small entrepreneurs, independent consultants
and the like ?

I would highly appreciate receiving, on- or off-list, any
pertinent references which any of you might be able and
willing to provide.

My thanks to you in advance.

 - Laval Hunsucker
   Breukelen, Nederland


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