[Asis-l] [CLEF 2010] Ten Years of CLEF Test Data Available Online

Nicola Ferro ferro at dei.unipd.it
Thu Apr 1 13:12:18 EDT 2010

In the context of: 

CLEF 2010 - Conference on Multilingual and Multimodal Information Access
20-23 September 2010, Padua, Italy

we should like to remind you that we would be particularly happy to receive
submissions that report in-depth experiments using existing CLEF collections
in any imaginable, interesting way.

We are thus pleased to inform you that "Ten Years of CLEF Test Data" are now
available for system benchmarking and research purposes on the DIRECT
system. The data is available for the following tracks: Ad-Hoc (2000-2009),
Domain-Specific (2000-2008), and GeoCLEF (2005-2008). It can be freely
accessed through the DIRECT system at:


after requesting an account from direct at dei.unipd.it

Once you have accessed the system, you will be able to download: topics,
relevance judgments and pools, experiments and the related performance

We strongly encourage you to make use of these data, mining them and
carrying out new and imaginative analyses to uncover the hidden potential of
ten years of CLEF evaluation campaigns.

We also invite you to submit and report the outcomes of your study and
analysis of the CLEF data at the CLEF 2010 Conference

Best regards,
The CLEF 2010 Chairs

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