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jeremy hunsinger jhuns at vt.edu
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I to agree with Michel, this could also benefit from integration into a service like E-LIS http://eprints.rclis.org/  .  I actually don't really think the argued integration with the scholarly journal Jasist is going to have the outcome understood because the audience of the two publications were, I think, arguably different.  But I do think that it is a done deal, and what then must happen is for people who want it to be different than the organization decided it to be, is to just do it.  
On Apr 1, 2010, at 10:36 AM, nicholas belkin wrote:

> I think that Michel's suggestion is very good, and hope that perhaps the 
> board, either in collaboration with other organizations, or on its own, 
> can find a way to keep ARIST going in an electronic form.
> Nick
> M.J. Menou wrote:
>> Having been, like many of us, brought up on ARIST, from the early 
>> Carlos time, I share the uneasy feeling and nostalgia expressed by 
>> Nick and Bahaa.
>> Yet, good old times are gone.
>> Rather than seeking to revisit the decision process, with the secret 
>> hope of possibly reversing it, should not we concentrate our efforts 
>> at envisioning what a "New ARIST" could be and how to make it a 
>> reality in tomorrow's world?
>> Since ARIST was the treasure of the information sciences community 
>> worldwide, it would be appropriate for this effort to be carried out 
>> jointly with national and international scholarly societies active in 
>> the broad field of information sciences.
>> Michel Menou
>> nicholas belkin wrote:
>>> The value of ARIST to the ASIST and general scholarly community is 
>>> immense. It is not only a tool for keeping current, for many 
>>> different constituencies and purposes, but also an invaluable 
>>> historical record. I have difficulty in believing that the general 
>>> value of ARIST was properly weighed against what I assume to have 
>>> been a financial cost. In particular, since the viability of an 
>>> electronic version of ARIST appears to have been supported, I think 
>>> that it would be appropriate for those who took this decision to 
>>> explain precisely why it was taken, and why electronic publication 
>>> was decided against.
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