[Asis-l] ASIST 2009: Personal Information Management Workshop - preconference event

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Subject: ASIST 2009: Personal Information Management Workshop -
preconference event

Personal Information Management Workshop 2009
Please join us for the Personal Information Management Workshop, November
7-8, 2009, in Vancouver, B.C. The day-and-a-half workshop will feature a
keynote address by Gary Marchionini, University of North Carolina at Chapel
Hill and President of ASIS&T, on the workshop theme ““Personal information
intersections: What happens when PIM spaces overlap?”
Please register by Friday, September 25 to take advantage of early
registration discounts.

This is the 5th International Workshop on Personal Information Management
(PIM), and the first to be held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of
the American Society for Information Science & Technology.  PIM is an
interdisciplinary field of study, attracting researchers from such diverse
disciplines as information science, cognitive psychology, computer science,
human computer interaction, and records management.  While technological
developments have provided powerful tools for PIM access and support, there
are problems which these technologies have magnified, including the
increasing volume of communication, 24/7 connectivity, and variety of
The theme for our workshop is “Personal information intersections.”  We have
discovered through previous workshops that the messy area where different
information spaces must interact poses particular challenges for PIM. The
workshop theme embraces such subtopics as group information management,
information spaces that serve multiple users (at home, at work, at play),
information spaces that serve an individual’s multiple roles, task
management, privacy and security, organizational strategies and policies,
social and psychological aspects of sharing work space, and defining and
negotiating boundaries. We invite those who are interested in these topics
to participate in the workshop and to hear from leading researchers in this
For more information about the workshop: http://www.pimworkshop.org/2009
For information about the ASIS&T Conference and the organization:

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