[Asis-l] 3-paper format for PhD dissertations

Ping Zhang pzhang at syr.edu
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Dear Colleagues,

If your school/university has used the 3-paper format for PhD dissertations, could you please provide answers or insight to the following questions? If your school thought about it but decided not to go with it, I'd also like to hear why (in Question #2 below). Please sent all returns to me and I will send out a summary to the listserv afterwards.

1.      University, school or department/program name

2.      Rationale for using/not using the format

3.      Quality of the 3 papers

How do you assess the quality of the papers for a PhD degree? Particularly, is publication (or acceptance) of all or part of the studies a requisite for acceptance for the degree? If so then what are the procedures or criteria used, if any, to define qualifying journals?

4.      Cohesion among the 3 papers

Do the papers have to be around the same or similar research questions?

5.      Co-authorship of the papers

Is it acceptable if the papers are co-authors with other faculty? Does the student have to be the first author?

6.      Assembling the dissertation

Is it required to add an intro or discussion chapters if the 3 papers are assembled into the final dissertation?

7.      Any other aspects you would like to share

Thanks very much in advance!


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