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A Major Initiative ! / But Not [IMHO] Just For Museums ...


For many years, art museums have been at the forefront of offering
their visitors learning experiences that extend beyond traditional
exhibit labels with gallery kiosks and audio guides. More recently,
art museums continue leading the way by adding cell phone tours,
podcasts, and platform-specific applications in an effort to
capitalize on the commonly-owned portable devices—iPods, MP3 players,
Blackberries, cell phones—that visitors already carry in their

Museum professionals see great potential in reaching new audiences and
pleasing old ones by providing content and social interaction via
mobile devices. The biggest challenge is that many museums do not
quite know where to begin when working with a small budget and small
staff with limited technical knowledge. This site addresses those
needs by proving a brief overview of what is being done in the mobile
museum world and offers suggestions based on this research on how to
economically provide mobile users with a positive experience with your


This work was performed with generous funding from the Samuel H. Kress



■Assessment of the Field

■Development Recommendations

■Implementation and Prototypes

■Omeka Plugins for Mobiles

■Sites Optimized for Mobiles

■Native Cross-Platform Applications


Annotated Bibliography (Zotero)

Links To Project Links Available At

[ http://tinyurl.com/l3cgzp  ]

!!! Thanks To Museums And The Web For The HeadsUp !!!



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