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On behalf of ASIS&T and the SIG Cabinet, I am pleased to announce the 
2008 SIG Awards winners.  The Special Interest Groups and ASIS&T sponsor 
three awards: SIG of the Year, SIG Member of the Year, and SIG 
Publication of the Year.  Congratulations to SIG III and SIG USE, Karen 
Fisher, and the SIG USE book /Information and Emotion: The Emergent 
Affective Paradigm in Information Behavior Research and Theory.  /Please 
see citations below.  KT Vaughan, SIG Cabinet Director

SIG of the Year: International Information Issues (III)
Just as internationalism and global information have become increasingly 
more important to the academic and corporate environment, so has SIG III 
increasingly demonstrated its strength and success as a key element of 
ASIS&T.  SIG III consistently produces excellent programs and 
publications, not just during the annual meeting, but throughout the 
year. The February 2008 special issue of the Bulletin is a perfect 
example of the scope of this SIG; articles span the globe to cover four 
different continents. The popular International Reception not only 
offers an opportunity to celebrate our international -- and local -- 
members, but also raises funds to support memberships for professionals 
in developing countries.  SIG III helps to bring international members 
to ASIS&T through the InfoShare and Digital Scholars programs, and aids 
many of our sister countries in forming and evaluating information 
policies.  As one of the jury members noted, "SIG III rocks!"  In 
recognition of their work supporting the society at home and abroad 
(wherever that may be), we are pleased to recognize SIG III as the 2008 
SIG of the Year.


SIG of the Year: Information Needs, Seeking, and Use (USE)
SIG USE is an excellent example of a SIG that seeks and finds 
development opportunities beyond those normally expected of a special 
interest group.  The long-standing SIG USE Symposium not only draws 
attention to the SIG and the Society, but also helps support other 
programs of the SIG.  Through the publication of /Information and 
Emotion: The Emergent Affective Paradigm in Information Behavior 
Research and Theory /(the SIG Publication of the Year), SIG USE managed 
a trifecta of success: they expanded the available literature in this 
area, supported the publication activities of their members, and created 
a revenue stream for the SIG and the Society.  SIG USE members 
(including Karen Fisher, SIG Member of the Year), are also active in 
supporting recruitment and retention efforts for the SIG and the 
Society, including hosting their own website, creating a Facebook page, 
and offering "swag" for members at the annual meeting.  A jury member 
said, "This is a model SIG."  We are pleased to recognize SIG USE as the 
2008 SIG of the Year for their programs, publishing, and membership efforts.

SIG Member of the Year: Karen Fisher
This year's SIG Member of the Year, Karen Fisher, has been active in 
many levels of SIG USE.  Now treasurer, Karen has also served as the 
SIG's Chair and program organizer.  She regularly organizes successful 
Annual Meeting panel sessions for the SIG; in 2003 and 2007 she 
co-organized the annual SIG USE Symposium.  Karen co-edited the 
proceedings from the 2003 symposium into /Theories of Information 
Behavior/, a popular ASIST publication.  Since becoming treasurer for 
SIG USE, Karen also initiated an innovative member recruiting project: 
SIG USE red suitcase tags for 2007 AM, with a printed motto: "How people 
experience information -- Our passion."  Because of her involvement in 
the leadership, program planning, and recruitment activities of SIG USE, 
we are pleased to award Karen Fisher with the 2007-2008 SIG Member of 
the Year Award.


SIG Publication of the Year:  /Information and Emotion: The Emergent 
Affective Paradigm in Information Behavior Research and Theory/
Launched at the 2007 ASIS&T Annual Meeting, held October 19--24, 2007, 
this monograph is a popular title in the ASIS&T Monograph Series and a 
first to bring together work on affective behaviour in LIS. Information 
and Emotion offers a significant new text for SIGUSE members - with 
contributions by SIGUSE members for the SIGUSE community. The many 
SIGUSE authors and authors from various fields of study reporting on 
diverse information behavior research create value in this volume. The 
book is based on recent theoretical developments and research findings 
in information science and the cognate fields of cognitive science, 
psychology, business, education, and computer science. Importantly, this 
book brings together affective and cognitive viewpoints covering both 
young and adult users' IB in various contexts and from interdisciplinary 
perspectives. The book has received excellent reviews from scholars in 
Information Science (IS), Human-Computer Interaction, and Business, 
among others. This book's unique contribution to LIS teaching, research, 
and practice qualifies it for the SIG Publication of the Year Award.

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