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Forwarded by request.
Ranti Junus, Systems Librarian
 Web Services/Electronic Resources
 Michigan State University Libraries
 East Lansing, MI 48824

You are kindly invited to participate in the Qualitative and
Quantitative Methods in Libraries International Conference (QQML2009),
Chania, Crete, Greece, 26-29 of May, 2009.
The conference expands the main theme and presentations given 10 years
earlier in the successful IATUL 1999 conference, organizer Dr. Anthi
Katsirikou then director of the library of Technical University of
The theme of  the 20th IATUL 1999 conference in Chania was the "The
Future of Libraries in Human Communication". The forthcoming QQML 2009
Conference will focus in an expanded theme covering Qualitative and
Quantitative Methods in Libraries. 
QQML2009 is organized under the umbrella of ASMDA International Society
organizing conferences on data analysis from 1981
Qualitative and Quantitative Methods (QQM) are proved more and more
popular tools for Librarians, because of their usefulness to the
everyday professional life. QQM aim to the assessment and improvement of
the services, to the measurement of the functional effectiveness and
efficiency. QQM are the mean to make decisions on fund allocation and
financial alternatives. Librarians use also QQM in order to determine
why and when their users appreciate their services. This is the start
point of the innovation involvement and the ongoing procedure of the
excellent performance. Systematic development of quality management in
libraries requires a detailed framework, including the quality
management standards, the measurement indicators, the self-appraisal
schedules and the operational rules. These standards are
practice-oriented tools and a benchmarking result. Their basic function
is to express responsibly the customer (library user) -supplier (library
services) relationship and provide a systematic approach to the
continuous change onto excellence. The indoor and outdoor relationships
of libraries are dependent of their communication and marketing
capabilities, challenges, opportunities and implementation programmes. 

The Conference will attend library professionals: professors,
administrators, technologists, museum scientists, archivists, decision
makers and managers.
As the conference papers will be included in a Book titled: 
"Advances in Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries" 
please follow precisely the given Template following the format and
instructions from World Scientific Publishing Co.
If you propose a Special Session including 4-5 papers, the papers will
be included into the book as a Specific Chapter under the title of the
special session.
Special Session proposals should have the session title, the name and
affiliation of the organizer and a brief description (5-10 lines).
You may upload  the Abstract/Paper Template and formulate your paper
according to the instructions:
Please submit your paper in MS Word format as an email attachment to
secretariat at isast.org <mailto:secretariat at isast.org
<mailto:secretariat at isast.org> > 
You can also submit your Abstract electronically by using the facilities
of the conference website.
For more information and submission details visit the Conference Website
at: www.isast.org <http://www.isast.org/ <http://www.isast.org/> >  
Kind regards 

Prof. Christos H. Skiadas, Conference Chair
Director, Data Analysis nad Forecasting Laboratory
Technical University of Crete
Email: skiadas at isast.org ; skiadas at asmda.net 
URL: www.isast.org <http://www.isast.org/ <http://www.isast.org/> > 

Dr. Anthi Katsirikou, Conference Secretary
University of Piraeus
Secretary of the Greek Association of Librarians and Information
anthi at asmda.com
secretariat at isast.org 

International Conferences on Qualitative and Quantitative Methods that
we have organized in Chania:
6th ASMDA Conference 3-6 May 1993
20th IATUL Conference 16-22 May 1999
12th ASMDA Conferece 29 May-1 June, 2007


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