[Asis-l] Webology: Volume 5, Number 3, 2008

Alireza Noruzi nouruzi at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 09:31:30 EST 2008

Dear All, apologies for cross-posting.
We are pleased to inform you that Vol. 5, No. 3 of Webology journal is
published and available ONLINE now.

The Guest Editor of this special issue was Dr. Louise Spiteri from the
School of Information Management, Dalhousie University, Canada.

Webology: Volume 5, Number 3, 2008
TOC: http://www.webology.ir/2008/v5n3/toc.html
This issue contains:

- Folksonomies, the Web and Search Engines
--  Louise Spiteri
-- Keywords:  Folksonomy, Social tagging, Search engines
-- http://www.webology.ir/2008/v5n3/editorial17.html


- Tag Gardening for Folksonomy Enrichment and Maintenance
-- Isabella Peters & Katrin Weller
-- Keywords: Social tagging; Folksonomy; Tag gardening; Emergent
semantics; Power tags; Tagcare; Knowledge organization system;
Knowledge representation; Personomy
-- http://www.webology.ir/2008/v5n3/a58.html

- Descriptor and Folksonomy Concurrence in Education Related Scholarly Research
-- Robert Bruce
-- Keywords: Collaborative tagging; Social tagging; Social
classification; Knowledge organization; Taxonomies; Folksonomies;

Controlled vocabulary; Descriptors
-- http://www.webology.ir/2008/v5n3/a59.html

- Organising Development Knowledge: Towards Situated Classification
Work on the Web
-- Maja van der Velden
-- Keywords: Categories; Classification; Design; Folksonomy; Mapping;
Social inclusion; Tags; Web directories; Portal
-- http://www.webology.ir/2008/v5n3/a60.html

- A Personalized Word of Mouth Recommender Model
-- Chihli Hung
-- Keywords: Consumer generated media; Buzz; Text mining; Sentiment
analysis; Recommending agent; Self-organizing map
-- http://www.webology.ir/2008/v5n3/a61.html

Call for Papers
-- http://www.webology.ir/callforpapers.html


Best regards,
Alireza Noruzi, Ph.D.
Editor-in-Chief of Webology
Website: www.webology.ir
~ The great aim of Open Access journals is knowledge sharing.~

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