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Joy Davidson british.editor at erpanet.org
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The PARSE.Insight project and the Digital Curation Centre (DCC) seek your
input towards a major international survey on digital preservation. 

Preservation of digital information is a major challenge for many
organizations.  The long-term management, access and preservation of
this information presents a number of serious risks and unresolved
problems.  The international scientific research community must rise to
this challenge if it is to take full advantage of the data and
information resources available for research today and in the future.

There is a growing realisation that the answer to these challenges calls
for coordinated approaches on both national and international level.
The PARSE.Insight project, partly funded by the European Commission,
aims to produce a roadmap for development of an infrastructure for
digital preservation. The first step is to conduct a wide-ranging
survey of many stakeholders, which we are carrying out in conjunction with
the DCC. 

Your particular views and experiences are of great value in helping to shape
the roadmap, and we would be very grateful if you would take a few minutes
to complete the survey, which may be accessed at

All responses to this survey will be aggregated for analysis and made
anonymous. The findings will be used to help inform and shape the funding
landscape for digital preservation activity throughout Europe. We encourage
you to make your views known and would be grateful if you would forward
details about this survey on to any colleagues who may be interested in

Best regards,
The DCC project team in association with the PARSE.Insight team and the
Alliance for Permanent Access

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