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 *I am pleased to inform you of several major additions to the "Student As
Scholar" Blog*

 *The "Student As Scholar" blog is devoted to documenting relevant
literature that supports the view that : "Undergraduate education should
adopt the "Student as Scholar" Model throughout the curriculum, where
scholar is conceived in terms of an attitude, an intellectual posture, and a
frame of mind derived from the best traditions of an engaged liberal arts

*Undergraduate Research: Pedagogy For The 21st Century*

*National Conferences on Undergraduate Research*

*WebGURU: Web Guide To Research For Undergraduates*

*Research Link 2000: Bringing Research-based Experimental Systems to the
Undergraduate Biology Curriculum*

*CUR 2008 National Conference: **Frontiers and Challenges in Undergraduate

*Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR)*

*Virtual Worlds for Virtual Collaboration*

*Undergraduates as Researchers: Using Original Archives and Historical

*The 'Student As Scholarf' blog is located at*

*[ **http://student-as-scholar.blogspot.com/*<http://student-as-scholar.blogspot.com/>
* ]*



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Science and Technology Librarian
Iowa State University Library
Ames IA 50011

gerrymck at iastate.edu

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