[Asis-l] Documents, Records and Content Management available online at Kent State

Thomas J. Froehlich tfroehli at kent.edu
Wed Nov 28 11:54:54 EST 2007

+ Document, Records and Content Management for the Enterprise

will be offered in Spring, 2008 in the IAKM 
online program at Kent State University.

The course instructor-facilitator  is Len Asprey, 
who heads a consulting agency,
Professional Information Management and 
Technology Consulting, with world-wide 
clients.  He coauthored (with Michael 
Middleton)  Integrative Document & Content 
Management: Strategies for Exploiting Enterprise 
Knowledge, which won the “Mander Jones Award” in 
2003.  He was the founding Chair of the Institute 
for Information Management (IIM) and is a member of AIIM International.

This course can lead to:

            ++ A certificate in Knowledge Management or

            ++ A Master of Science with a 
concentration in Knowledge Management
IAKM online is also offering:

+ Effective Knowledge Management in Organizations

The course tutor is Robert Frey, a Principal in 
the consultancy Successful Proposal Strategies, 
LLC.  He held the position of Senior Vice 
President of Knowledge Management and Proposal 
Development in RS Information Systems, Inc. 
(RSIS) from 1999 – 2007. Mr. Frey developed and 
implemented knowledge-sharing and 
knowledge-transfer mechanisms throughout RSIS to 
capture and leverage best practices, project 
success stories, lessons learned, client 
intelligence, and emerging technologies.

For further information, visit iakm.kent.edu 
email iakm at kent.edu or call (330) 672-5840.

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