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The editors (see below) of _Government Information Quarterly:  An International Journal of Information and Technology Management, Policies, and Practices_ are pleased to announce the release of Volume 24, number 4 (October 2007).  The special issue, guest edited by Theresa A. Pardo and Giri Kumar Tayi, focuses on interorganizational information integration issues and practices in a digital government context.  The issue also contains additional manuscripts and reviews.

New Volume/Issue is now available on ScienceDirect
Government Information Quarterly

Volume 24, Issue 4,  Pages 691-914 (October 2007)

Interorganizational Information Integration: A Key Enabler for Digital Government
Edited by Theresa A. Pardo and Giri Kumar Tayi

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Editorial Board
Page IFC

 Guest Editorial

Interorganizational information integration: A key enabler for digital government
Pages 691-715
Theresa A. Pardo and Giri Kumar Tayi

 Special Issue Articles

Semantic integration of government data for water quality management
Pages 716-735
Zhiyuan Chen, Arrya Gangopadhyay, Stephen H. Holden, George Karabatis and Michael P. McGuire

Urban information integration for advanced e-Planning in Europe
Pages 736-754
Hongxia Wang, Yonghui Song, Andy Hamilton and Steve Curwell

Towards end-to-end government performance management: Case study of interorganizational information integration in emergency medical services (EMS)
Pages 755-784
Ben L. Schooley and Thomas A. Horan

A collaborative network for first responders: Lessons from the CapWIN case
Pages 785-807
Jane Fedorowicz, Janis L. Gogan and Christine B. Williams

Collaborative digital government in Mexico: Some lessons from federal Web-based interorganizational information integration initiatives
Pages 808-826
Luis F. Luna-Reyes, J. Ramon Gil-Garcia and Cinthia Betiny Cruz

Information asymmetry and information sharing
Pages 827-839
Gavin Clarkson, Trond E. Jacobsen and Archer L. Batcheller

 Regular Articles

Information policy, information access, and democratic participation: The national and international implications of the Bush administration's information politics
Pages 840-859
Paul T. Jaeger

A general model of performance and quality for one-stop e-Government service offerings
Pages 860-885
Dimitris Gouscos, Manolis Kalikakis, Maria Legal and Soumi Papadopoulou


Information and Communication Technologies for African Development: an Assessment of Progress and Challenges Ahead. Joseph O. Okpaku, Sr., Ph.D., Editor. New York, NY: United Nations, July 31, 2005. 368 pp. ISBN: 92-1-104531-2 (paper)..
Pages 886-888
Uzoma Onyemaechi

Congressional Research Services (CRS) Reports: A Review of Sources
Pages 888-892
Megan Dreger

The Presidents, First Ladies, and Vice Presidents: White House Biographies, 1789-2005. Daniel C. Diller and Stephen L. Robertson. Washington, DC: CQ Press, 2005. 291 pp. $46.00 (paper), ISBN: 1568029853..
Pages 892-894
Mae N. Schreiber

Review of the U.S. Department of the Interior Web site.
Pages 894-896
Barbara Miller

Homeland Security: A Documentary History. Bruce Maxwell. Washington, DC: CQ Press, 2004. xvi, 522 pp. $105.00 (USD), ISBN: 1568028849 (cloth)..
Pages 896-897
William G. Kenz

LexisNexis State Capital Database. Visited June 5, 2006. LexisNexis Academic and Library Solutions, 4520 East-West Highway, Bethesda, MD 20812-3389. For pricing options call 1-800-638-8380..
Pages 897-900
Mark C. Scott

George Thomas Kurian, Editor, Datapedia of the United States: American History in Numbers (3rd ed.), Bernan Press, Lanham, MD (2004) 528 pp. $125.00 (cloth). ISBN 0-89059-862-2.
Pages 900-903
Kristina Bobe

United Nations Global E-Government Readiness Report 2005: From E-Government to E-Inclusion. New York: Department of Economic and Social Affairs, 2006. xiv, 253 pp. $55.00 USD. ISBN-10: 9211231590 (paper). Available online:http://www.unpan.org/dpepa-egovernment%20readiness%20report.asp..
Pages 903-904
Debbie L. Rabina

About the Authors
Pages 905-909
John Carlo Bertot

Pages 910-914

Government Information Quarterly is a quarterly publication of Elsevier Science.  The journal explores such topics as information and telecommunications policy; e-government; access to and use of government information; information technology management, implementation, planning, and evaluation; information services development, management, and provision in a distributed networked environment; service quality assessment, benchmarking, and performance measurement; and governing and governance in a networked environment.  GIQ articles are available through ScienceDirect at http://www.sciencedirect.com.

Additional information regarding the journal and journal submissions is available at:  http://www.elsevier.com/locate/govinf.

John Carlo Bertot <jbertot at fsu.edu>, College of Information, Florida State University serves as the journal editor.

Charles R. McClure <cmcclure at lis.fsu.edu>, College of Information, Florida State University serves as the journal associate editor.

John A. Shuler <alfred at uic.edu>, Documents, Maps, Microforms, & Curriculum Department, University of Illinois Chicago serves as journal assistant Editor.

Aimee C. Quinn <aquinn5 at cnm.edu>, Associate Director, Montoya Campus Library, Central New Mexico Community College serves as journal assistant editor.

Suzanne Holcombe <suzanne.holcombe at okstate.edu>, Documents Department, Oklahoma State University serves as reviews editor.

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