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If Medical Librarians Can Be W-2 So Can We ... [:-)

_Medical Librarian 2.0: Use of Web 2.0 Technologies in Reference

eclipsed many other technological advances. Next-generation tools like
Web 2.0 sit on the cutting edge of profound changes that will-and have
already begun to-transform librarianship. Medical Librarian 2.0 is a
vital resource for understanding and implementing these revolutionary
technologies. The essays in this groundbreaking collection offer a
comprehensive look at the potential uses and effects of Web 2.0 in
reference services. 

Designed not only as an examination of current technology but as a
resource for practical applications as well, Medical Librarian 2.0 is
both comprehensive and accessible. This important collection includes
informative, in-depth essays that cover the evolving spectrum of digital
resources. Through detailed explorations of current tools and programs,
as well as the ways institutions have implemented them to better serve
both patrons and staff, this text provides the insight and necessary
awareness required for libraries to flourish in the 21st century. 

Medical Librarian 2.0 is an essential resource for librarians,
especially those in medical settings, library science educators and
students, and those looking to stay at the forefront of emerging
reference technology. 
_Table of Contents_

* Introduction (M. Sandra Wood)
* Library 2.0: An Overview (Elizabeth Connor)
* Virtual Reference Services for the Academic Health Sciences
Librarian 2.0 (Ana D. Cleveland and Jodi L. Philbrick)
* Applications of RSS in Health Sciences Libraries (Alexia D.
Estabrook and David L. Rothman)
* P.O.D. Principles: Producing, Organizing, and Distributing Podcasts
in Health Sciences Libraries and Education (Nadine Ellero,
Ryan Looney, and Bart Ragon)
* Streams of Consciousness: Streaming Video in Health Sciences
Libraries (Nancy T. Lombardo, Sharon E. Dennis, and Derek Cowan)
* Social Networking (Melissa L. Rethlefsen)
* Content Management and Web 2.0 with Drupal (Chad M. Fennell)
* It*s a Wiki Wiki World (Mary Carmen Chimato)
* Mashing Up the Internet (Michelle A. Kraft)
* Index
* Reference Notes Included

[ http://www.haworthpress.com/store/PDFFiles/ForReps/Wood-Medical.pdf

Published simultaneously as _Medical Reference Services Quarterly*_,
Volume 26, Supplement No. 1. Please note that this supplement is not a
part of the regular journal subscription.) 
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