[Asis-l] Updates on 2006-7 Fundraising

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Tue May 22 17:00:30 EDT 2007

##Participants of the Kenya Embassy fundraiser and Elsevier have contributed $
7531.64 to the ASIST SIG III International Paper Contest.##

SIG III would like to thank the generous donors for their support for the
International Paper Contest, who have helped raise $ 7531.64 since October 2006.
The SIG III fundraising campaign is ongoing and we welcome contributions to keep
the program going.

We would greatly appreciate more donations and YOU STILL HAVE A CHANCE TO BUY A
http://www.asist.org/SIG/SIGIII/fundraising/fundraising2007/ AND GET A CHANCE TO
WIN ANY OF THE THREE FABULOUS PRIZES. If online donations is not your thing,
please send a check, payable to:

ASIST for the "Digital Scholars Fund,"
attn: Richard Hill
Executive Director, ASIST
1320 Fenwick Lane, Suite 510
Silver Spring, MD 20910, USA

We thank you for your generosity in contributing to this International Paper
Contest that has benefited so many people.

We will update you on the list of donors and their donations periodically as we
receive them.

This year marks the eighth anniversary of the ASIST SIG III International Paper
Contest on International Digital Libraries and Information Science & Technology
Advances in Developing Countries. The International Paper Contest is one of the
most successful programs run by SIG III each year. The papers submitted
represent important developments in information science, and they serve to
advance the information profession worldwide.

To date, 343 authors of 283 papers from 51 countries/areas have participated in
the SIG III International Paper Contest. Many of the papers have been published
in library and information literature, including the International Information
and Library Review and the Bulletin of the American Society for Information
Science and Technology. In addition, contest winners often see advances in their
professional careers. Their stories are posted on the ASIST SIG III website at
http://www.asis.org/SIG/SIGIII/. This valuable opportunity would not be
available without the financial support provided by all of YOU, our generous

Your funds have been used over the years to support two-year ASIST memberships
for six to eight of the paper contest winners each year and cover expenses of
the top winner(s) to travel from his or her home country to the ASIST Annual
Meeting. Since the first paper contest in 2000, through this program,
SIG III has sponsored close to fifty two-year ASIST memberships from 15
different countries, and has supported 17 winners to attend the ASIST Annual
Meeting. With the support it will give to the two top winners this year, this
number will climb to 19.

As you may be aware, SIG III is currently reaping the benefits of our
International Paper Contest fundraising campaign, which is bringing in donations
from all
over the world. SIG III has been privileged to receive donations from various
ASIST Chapters many of which donate on a regular basis, and hope to receive from
them even this year.

Last year, SIG III had a successful partnership with the Potomac Valley Chapter
to raise close to $ 5000.  In addition, we have made it a lot more easy for you
to contribute by providing a fundraising website -
http://www.asist.org/SIG/SIGIII/fundraising/fundraising2007/ - where you have a
chance to donate as well as get an opportunity to win fabulous prizes. This
fundraising runs until August 31 2007 or until 250 tickets have been sold. We
urge you to grab this chance. Remember, your ticket might be the lucky one.

Elsevier has also been a constant help, and has already pledged $3000 this year
and we thank them greatly for this.

We wish to thank individual donors and urge more contributions in the days
ahead. As you can imagine, we are also extremely grateful for the help
of these donors whose contributions however little enables us to sponsor one
more person. As you well know, without their contributions, we would not be able
to run the International Paper Contest, which has already benefited so many
scholars and information professionals around the world and will continue to do
so. Your partnership with us as we head into the future continue to mean a lot
to us and we appreciate it deeply.

Finally, our thanks to Richard Hill, Executive Director and Janice Hatzakos,
Director of Finance at ASIST headquarters who continue to ensure that the
donations are properly processed. Without them, our campaign would be sorely
lacking in implementation and we thank them most heartily too.

The officers and members of SIG III are always working diligently to make this
SIG the best it can be. Between this effort and all the support received this
year and last year, it is certain that this year?s International Paper Contest
will be just as successful as it has been in the past years. Again, thanks for
the continued support.

For more information about the International Paper Contest, please visit the
International Paper Contest section of the SIG III website
(http://www.asis.org/SIG/SIGIII/) and be sure to buy a ticket today at
http://www.asist.org/SIG/SIGIII/fundraising/fundraising2007/ .

Duncan Omole,
 SIG III Chair, 2006-07.

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