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Dear Reader,

The May 2007 issue of First Monday (volume 12, number 5) is now available
at http://firstmonday.org/issues/issue12_5/


Table of Contents

Volume 12, Number 5 - 7 May 2007

Real Genders Choose Fantasy Characters: Class Choice in World of Warcraft
by Nicholas DiGiuseppe and Bonnie Nardi


A practical model for analyzing long tails
by Kalevi Kilkki


Public libraries, public access computing, FOSS and CI: There are
alternatives to private philanthropy
by Siobhan Stevenson


Methodologies for Mapping the Political Blogosphere: An Exploration Using
the IssueCrawler Research Tool
by Axel Bruns


Digital gifts: Participation and gift exchange in LiveJournal communities
by Erika Pearson


Visible Past: Learning and discovering in real and virtual space and time
by Sorin Adam Matei, Chris Miller, Laura Arns, Nick Rauh, Chris Hartman,
and Robert Bruno


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