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Only 3 weeks left to register for HCIL's Symposium!

Registration for HCIL's 24th Annual Symposium is now open. To register
please visit:


The HCIL's Annual Symposium will highlight the cutting-edge research
being conducted in the Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory at the
University of Maryland. The Symposium will take place Thursday, May
31st, followed by a day of tutorials and workshops Friday, June 1st.

There will be a series of talks followed by demonstrations of all of the
lab projects with time to meet and talk with researchers in an informal

2007 Symposium Talks Thursday May 31st:


Where HCI and Venture Creation Meet

Asher Epstein, Robert H. Smith School of Business

Session I, Interacting:

Supporting the Design Process with Digital Pen Technology

The Next Generation of Electronic Book Readers

Experimental Study of Paper-Based Interfaces

Session II, Understanding:

Children's Storytelling with Mobile Phones

Information Technology and Older Adults

The Social and Ethical Implications of Networked and Ubiquitous

International Impact of the International Children's Digital Library

Session III, Seeing:

Interactive Visualization to Inspire Literary Analysis

The Digital Docket: Tracking the Propagation of Legal Argumentation

Systematic yet Flexible Visualization for Social Network Analysis

Session IV, Finding:

Making Sense of Foreign Language Text and Video

Pattern Search in Medical Patient Records

Finding Knowledge Structure: A Sensemaking Oriented Search Mechanism

2007 Tutorials & Workshops, Friday June 1st: 


Intro to HCI

An Introduction to Usability Testing

Ethnographic Approaches to HCI


Collaborative Sensemaking

Social Network Analysis

Health Informatics in an Aging Population
Questions? hcilsymposium at umiacs.umd.edu or call (301) 405-2769


Kiki Schneider
HCIL, Coordinator
kiki at cs.umd.edu

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