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My latest entries in _Friends_  [
http://onlinesocialnetworks.blogspot.com/ ], my blog devoted to "the
use of online social networking sites for any and all types of
library-related programs or services" includes a profile of a Most
social networking site named Carmun.


Carmun: Students of the World Unite! 

Carmun "... connects students who share academic passions. It easily
organizes academic research, and it is expanding the boundaries of
universities by creating a database of rated and reviewed source
material. Imagine an academic community where you can tap into the
intellectual horsepower of students around the country or even the

[ http://www.carmun.com/aboutus.php ]

Research Tools
Create a bibliography in half the time: 
Your paper is written. All that stands between you and the finish line
is the bibliography. Enter your sources manually, and Carmun will format
them automatically. All you then have to do is hit print. 

Organize sources from past work: 
By uploading bibliographies from past papers you*ll never have to
hunt for lost citation information again. All your sources can be stored
on Carmun. Once they are uploaded, you can manage them in the same way
you manage your music on iTunes.

Bookmark URLs and save citations you find online: 
Keep track of websites and citations. To help you save time and stay
organized, "Post to Carmun" will store URLs and citation information
with a click of the mouse. 

Insert parenthetical citations and footnotes while you write:
"Notematic", select the project list and citation style, Carmun does
the rest.

[ http://www.carmun.com/ResearchTools.php ]

The post also includes excerpts from a great brief article from
_SciTech Today_
titled "Social Networking Looks Beyond Facebooks"

[ http://tinyurl.com/2aebbs ]

BTW:  Don't Forget That _Friends_ offers a WebFeed at no extra charge




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