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ICHIM07 - International Cultural Heritage Informatics Meetings
Toronto, October 24-26, 2007

** The preliminary program for ICHIM07 is now on-line. **
Thanks once again goes to the Program Committee who helped review 
proposals and recommend selections. Speakers are coming from 20 
countries around the world to present their work at the only 
conference at which senior policy makers from around the world gather 
with technology practitioners, researchers, information designers and 
the staffs of cultural repositories - libraries, archives and museums 
- to imagine and direct informatics services for culture and heritage 

** Briefing Opportunities still available. **
If you have a project you would like to tell others about, there is 
still a chance to feature your work. Briefing proposals will be 
accepted until June 30, 2007. Make your proposal on-line at 

** Register Online **
We're looking forward to having ICHIM back in North America -- we 
haven't met on this side of the Atlantic since 1999. Our facility, 
the MaRS Centre at the University of Toronto, will be great [no hotel 
tech to deal with!, but it has one down-side: we have to limit 
registration because of the capacity of the auditorium. That will 
mean a more closely knit group and a better chance for conversations. 
Register on-line to reserve your place: 

*** Questions? ***
Contact the ICHIM07 Conference Co-Chairs
David Bearman and Jennifer Trant , Archives & Museum Informatics
e-mail: ichim07 at archimuse.com

ICHIM07 Program Committee

     * Maxwell Anderson, Indianapolis Museum of Art, USA
     * David Arnold, University of Brighton, UK
     * Liam Bannon, University of Limerick, Ireland
     * Jean Francois Chougnet, Berardo Museum of Contemporary Art, Portugal
     * Susan Chun, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA
     * Costis Dallas, Panteion University, and PRC Group SA, Greece
     * David Dawson, MLA, UK
     * Sara Diamond, Ontario College of Art and Design, Canada
     * Wendy Duff, University of Toronto, Canada
     * Franca Garzotto, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
     * Kati Geber, Canadian Heritage information Network, Canada
     * Margaret Hedstrom, University of Michigan, USA
     * Mark Jones, Victoria & Albert Museum, UK
     * Harald Kraemer, Universitry of Bern, Switzerland
     * Ottmar Moritsch, Technisches Museum Wien, Austria
     * Xavier Perrot, Bibliotheque Nationale de France, France
     * Peter Sigmond, Rijksmuseum, The Netherlands
     * Jane Sledge, National Museum of the American Indian, USA
     * Kevin Sumption, Powerhouse Museum, Australia
     * Jutta Treviranus, University of Toronto, Canada
     * Nicole Vallieres, McCord Museum, Canada
     * Christabel Wright, Dept of Communications, IT and Arts, Australia
International Cultural Heritage Informatics Meetings - ICHIM07

October 24-26, 2007			produced by
Toronto, Ontario, Canada		Archives & Museum Informatics
http://www.archimuse.com/ichim07/	158 Lee Ave, Toronto
ichim07 at archimuse.com		Ontario, M43 2P3 Canada

ICHIM07 is produced by Archives & Museum Informatics in association 
with the Faculty of Information Studies, University of Toronto, and 
in conjunction with the Department of Canadian Heritage through the 
Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN) and Canadian Culture 
Online (CCO), and the MaRS Collaboration Centre.

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